Saturday, April 12, 2014

Skydiving Adventure!


It has been wayyyy too long without a post on here!

I'm not going to make up excuses, I just had no inspiration to write for a while, but I'm back and at 'em!

So here it is, my skydiving adventure!!
So, on the morning of February 22, my friend Alyssa and I got up and caught the shuttle super early.

The drive up to the North Shore was beautiful, we took some back roads through the mountains, and it was so wonderful.

Once we arrived to the Pacific Skydiving Center building we were put to the front of the line, since we had the paperwork already filled out from the previous week.

After about 10 minutes, it was time to meet my instructor, Bryan, and suit up in the harness! I got the photo package that included a video of my experience, so my videographer/photographer came up to me and started "interviewing" me, which was a bit awkward because I'd rather be behind the camera rather than in front, but it was fine.

Once our group of about 8 people were all ready, we walked out to the runway where the plane picked us up.

And let me tell you, those planes are wayyy louder than you'd ever expect.

We hopped in the plane, and were off in the air!

All of my nerves disappeared once we got into the plane, and I was so ready for this!

The ride up to 14,000 feet took about 15 minutes and the views were spectacular! The whole island just opens up below you, and it exquisite.

Then, the side door was opened, goggles were slipped on, and it was time for the first guy to go, he looked like he was going to pee his pants! Haha.

And then I was up. We walked to the edge of the door, the wind was whipping all around us and the camera man was there, ready to capture this moment!

"3, 2, 1."

And out we went. 

So, although you are falling at 120 mph, it literally feels like you are flying. The island is absolutely breathtaking at that altitude, too.

It is such an adrenaline rush, and something that I would love to become officially certified in so that I could perform solo jumps, but we'll see. :)

Here are some pictures mid-jump:

Absolutely loving it!

The mountains are unreal.

The famous North Shore from above.

The whole experience was so wonderful! The staff are extremely nice and helpful, making it a smooth adventure.

I've already got my next jump planned for the beginning of May ;) Can't wait!

Oh, and now that I'm back in the swing of things, my daily Peru blog posts will be coming shortly :)

See ya then!