Monday, September 30, 2013

Poina ~ Forget

Unfortunately, I’ve had a not-too-awesome day :(

It started this morning when I literally couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed until the last possible moment. I got out of bed at 7:50, got dressed in athletic shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops (or as they say here, slippers), and headed off to Biology at 8:00.

Bio went well, I met a girl who lives in my tower, and also sat with Sky and Jordan. After Bio, my lab group and I planned to meet up in the Campus Center at 9:30, so Sk and I headed off there after Bio. Once the other two got there, we worked on our lab, and almost finished, we just have to finish our results section. We got done with that around 11:20, and I stopped off at the bookstore to pick up a card and little gift for my roommate. 

This past Saturday was her birthday, and I had absolutely no idea at the time. I saw later on Facebook that I missed it, and felt awful! So I picked up a card and package of M&M’s for her. It was pointless to go back to my dorm when my next class started in just over an hour, so I sat in Campus and filled out her card. I always find it hard to write cards to people, but I think it turned out nice :)

Class started at 12:30, and it was reeally boring today. I almost fell asleep...

I was finally able to go back to my dorm after this.

I got there and took a shower because I needed to wake myself up. While in the shower, a dumb little glob of shampoo decided to dribble down my forehead, and get in my eye. Let me tell you, I have not been in that much pain in quite some time. It literally felt like there was a fire in my eye, and I could barely put my eye under water to get the shampoo out, due to the excruciating pain. I then proceeded to finish my shower using only one eye, which proved to be more challenging than you'd think.

After my shower, I looked in the mirror and opened my fire-eye as much as possible, and it was blood shot and the entire eye was bright red and watering profusely. :( I then closed it back up, because the pain intensified when I tried opening it.

It took me an hour and a half of sitting with a cold washcloth on my eye, before I could open it all the way up again. 

I then got dressed, left Amber her card and M&M’s on her desk and headed off to band practice at 3:20. Thankfully today’s practice was a music rehearsal, so we were not on the field at all, and got to be in the air conditioning the whole time. As I was sitting there, I realized that I was forgetting something, and discovered that I left my lanyard with all of my cards in my dorm. Including the key to my dorm building/elevator/room. Awesome.

After practice, I walked back and once I got close to my building, I casually waited there for someone in my building to come along so that I could go in after them. Thankfully it wasn’t too awkward, because one of my friends Michelle, walked around the corner and let me in! :)

I was going to get a new key from the front desk because you get 5 free keys before they begin charging you for them, but decided to check and see if Amber was in the room so I could save those free keys for when I really needed them. Hoooray! She was in the room, and let me in. I then looked and looked for my lanyard and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I then realized that the last place I was before I left for practice was in my wardrobe, which has a lock on it. Just my luck, the key to that lock, is on my lanyard, along with everything else. 

I then had to find the spare key that I have for my lock, which I found after rummaging through the entire contents of my 6 drawers, and completely disarranging them. I got the lock and wardrobe open, and there was my lanyard. Whew!

Next, I spent a good 30 minutes getting all of my drawers back into order, and then proceeded to take a well-deserved half hour break by laying down and playing Candy Crush.

Once I got up, I worked on my lab homework due tomorrow, studied for my exams and also worked on a bunch of job related things that I needed to get done that has been stressing me out for weeks. Basically I am supposed to have a job secured by tomorrow, and I don’t, so I am kind of freaking out, and emailed the head lady to hopefully get an extension, because I have been trying for weeks and nothing is working out for me in the job department.

I am suuuper stressed out right now, and don’t know what to do. I feel like there is too much to do, and never enough time to do it all. :(

I’m hoping these next few days will go a bit smoother, but with these huge exams coming up, I’m not too sure that will happen. 

Oh and by the way, Amber loved the card and M&M’s and thought it was really sweet of me. She even hung up the card on her bulletin board! :) That made me feel nice!

Well guys, that’s it. 
I’ll talk to you all later! 
Goodnight! <3

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Moloā ~ Lazy

Hello. As expected, I woke up feeling awful this morning. I woke up way earlier than I wanted to, and felt very tired. I took some medicine and then took a shower to try and feel a bit better, which did in fact help. It cleared my nose out a bit, my throat is suuuuper sore though and my nose is still running a bit. 

As most people are when they get sick, I was very lazy today. I watched LOST, finished season 4 and began season 5, all I can say is whoa! Lots of unexpected and crazy things happening! I talked to my parents for a bit today, and also took a short nap, which was needed. 

At 5:00, I went down and got some dinner from the cafe, and then came back up to my room. A sign advertising a little craft in the lobby of my dorm had been posted for about a week, talking about making a chalkboard calendar for your dorm room. I was really excited to do this, so even though I wasn't feeling my best, I went down at 7:00, and there were just a few people sitting in the lobby watching TV and eating popcorn. There was no supplies at all, so I figured that something happened and they weren't doing it anymore, so I just went back up to my room. 

I then watched more LOST and also did my Chem lab homework and studied for upcoming exams. 

That is literally all I've done today. I have a big week ahead of me with three large exams in all 3 of my science classes, so I've got to do some major studying this week. Thankfully the exams are on Thursday and Friday, so I have time to hopefully recover from this cold/sickness before them. 

That is it, sorry for the short post today. Hopefully I'll get better soon and have some more interesting things to blog about. Recently I've been looking up some really adventurous things to do in O'ahu, so hopefully I'll have some fun posts in the, near and/or distant, future. :) 

So that's all for now, goodnighttt! <3

Maʻi ~ Sick/Ill

Wow. Today has been one crazy, long and exhausting day!

I woke up around 6:00, by the garbage truck, and felt awful. I had a really sore throat, and a runny nose. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure I'm getting sick, which I knew was bound to happen eventually. I took some medicine and slept for a bit longer, until about 10:00. At that point, I couldn't sleep anymore, so I got up and watched an episode of LOST. I was going to go down and get some breakfast, but I checked the menu online, and both cafe's were closed today and tomorrow, so I ate some almonds that I bought yesterday at theMarket.

Around 11:45, I got all of my stuff together that I need for our football games, because today was a game day! Today was UH vs. Fresno State.

I left for the band room at 12:30, and the busses left at 1:00. Just like last time, we got to the stadium and had about a two hour rehearsal on the field. It rained twice while we were rehearsing. We then went to do the Warrior Walk which is when the band leads in the entrance of the football players. It rained again as we were doing this.

It was then dinner time, and for the rest of the games, we are doing a pot luck style meal, I wasn't scheduled to bring anything this time, but I have to bring juice next Saturday. The food was good, I had this chicken thing, and white rice. Oh, and I had a bit of an issue, because all our section leader brought were chopsticks, and I cannot for the life of me use chopsticks, so I got a little 101 session on the proper way to use chopsticks, which was funny :)

While we were eating, it began raining, so we were squished up under the tunnel. It wasn't too bad though. We then got all suited up for our pre-game performance at 5:15, and as we were waiting in the tunnel, it rained again, but stopped before our performance. We did pre-game, which went well and then took our helmets and coats off, and went up into the stands to watch/play during the game. When we left for half-time, the score was 0-35, and Fresno was killing us.

Half-time came, and it was time to perform! As we were waiting to go on, it rained yet again!

This week's show was Star Wars, and I think it went really well! I was super excited to perform this show, and the audience seemed to love it as well!

The video of our performance is already up on YouTube, so here is the link for those interested! 

UH Marching Band - Star Wars

After the performance, we went back and took our helmets/coats off again, to play in the stands for the rest of the game. As we were getting ready for our show, Fresno scored a touchdown, and we scored a field goal, so going into the third quarter, the score was 3-42. We thought the game was over, and there was no chance for us.

So we played the third quarter and our team got two touchdowns, and prevented Fresno from scoring any more points. Then, into the fourth quarter, we kept scoring, and got the score to 36-42. There were like 2 minutes left, and it stars absolutely DOWN POURING RAIN! And the rain was suuuuper cold too! So that was not enjoyable. Unfortunately we were soooo close to another field goal, but the other team intercepted in the last few seconds, so we didn't win. The final score ended up being 36-42, but we sure made a comeback and it proved to be one exciting game!

After the game, we have to wait for the football players to come over so we can play the fight song for them, and then we have to both play and sing the Alma Mater. So this took an extra 10 minutes in the pouring rain, and then on top of that, the band wanted to continue playing in the rain. So we played Cantina Band from our Star Wars show, to literally the police men and janitors, because everyone left due to the rain!

Finally we got out of there, back onto the busses, and started on our way back to school. We got back, and I then walked back to the dorms with a girl named Marissa, who is another flute player.

I walked into my dorm at 11:37pm. I am absolutely exhausted, and am surprised that I was able to type this post without falling asleep! Unfortunately, I do not think being in the cold rain all day is going to be good for my body, especially since I'm getting sick. I am going to take some more medicine before bed, and hope I am not too miserable tomorrow morning!

Thanks for reading, I'll talk to you all tomorrow! :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Māluhiluhi ~ Tired

Today feels like it has lasted the length of about two days, and has been quite tiring.

After last night, I didn't get to sleep until about 1:00, which was weird because as I was lying in bed, my mom texted me, and she had just woken up for work back home. It was very weird to think about!

Anyways, I had to wake up at 7:00, to get ready for the day, so I clearly didn't sleep as long as I usually do, and had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning. I then walked to class, which was alright, a bit boring because I had to physically make myself listen, so that I wouldn't fall asleep! :)

My friend Sky is in that class with me, and as we were walking back, her and her friend Jordan were going to stop by the cafe to get some breakfast, and invited me along. So I went with them, and I had waffles, home fries and orange juice. Unfortunately the meat that they were serving was SPAM, and you know how I feel towards SPAM if you read the post about the first football game. So I obviously didn't eat that! 

We then walked back to our towers, and I lied down for a bit, because I was still exhausted. I wasn't able to sleep at all, but I did get to relax a bit. My next class, Oceanography, was at 12:30, so I headed off there around 12:00 and talked to my parents while I was walking. Today in lecture we mainly discussed hot spots, and how there are only about 20 on the planet, and Hawaii is one of the. We also discussed how Yellowstone is a hot spot and all about the plates under it. This was super interesting because last summer, my family and I visited Yellowstone and now I really know what I was looking at :)

I then went back to my dorm because I had nothing until practice. I went to theMarket and got some food/snacks for my room, because as I said, I was out. I also recieved a package that I had ordered last Friday. I have been anticipating the arrival because I'm absolutely in love with what I got. Here are pictures!

This is the new keyboard cover that I bought!! My other one was over two years old, and was fading and getting stretched out, so when I saw this one, I died. It is pretty much perfect, and I'm absolutely in love with it! <3

I also bought a new case for my computer, because it is getting some scratches on the bottom. I used to have a case that cracked, but never bought a new one, and I loved this one when I saw it! It is a minty greenish-blue, and it has a frosted finish to it, and it wasn't too expensive, so I thought, why not? :)

I then had to head off to practice at 3:45, where we just ran through the show a bunch of times, and had quite an audience of kids from their dorms standing and watching us!

Although the show isn't perfect, it looks and sounds pretty good, and I'm excited to perform it tomorrow!

Earlier at theMarket I bought a personal microwave pizza by Digiorno so I made that once I got home from practice around 6:00, and it was pretty good! I also bought a Snapple Peach Tea (my absolute favorite) that I drank with it. Then, I had my long awaited Twix bar that I have been telling my mom that I've been craving for weeks!

Since then I've just been admiring my keyboard cover, watching LOST and playing Candy Crush.

Due to my lack of sleep last night and not being able to nap, I am exhausted, and need to get to sleep. I hope you enjoyed!

I'll talk to you all tomorrow, which is a game day! UH vs. Fresno State!

Goodnight :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

ʻAha hīmeni ~ Concert


Well, I had such a nice day today!

First off, I got to sleep in until 10:30, which felt great, and then I headed off to Chemistry at 12:00. 

Right as I was about to leave for class, I looked outside, and there was definitely rain on the way. In this picture, you can see the storm clouds on one side of the tower, and clear, blue skies on the other. It was pretty weird.

We got let out of that class early, and since I had yet to eat anything so far, I decided that I'd stop at theMarket across the street from my dorms. So I go around 1:20, and they do not open until 2:00, and the cafe closes at 1:00 to transition between lunch and when they open for dinner at 4:30. So I went back up to my room, and I am literally out of food in my room, but I did have a thing of microwavable jasmine rice that my mom left for me, so I went ahead and had that as well as an orange. 

I then talked to my mom for a bit, and also did a bit of studying, that I meant to wake up early to do, but forgot to set an alarm. Oops! :)

I went to my Hawaiian Studies Class at 3:00, took my quiz, and it went well! Today we talked about religion in the Hawaiian Culture which was very interesting. We got out of this class early tooooo! So I was stoked about that!

The reason that this made me so happy is because tonight was the Sunset on the Beach event tonight, which consisted of the World Premiere of the fourth season of Hawaii 5-0, and also, a free concert by the Jonas Brothers! I was not going to pass this up. For those of you who know me/knew me in middle school, I was kiiiiinnnnd of obsessed with them. It is so weird to think that I am in college now, and going to a performance by a band that consumed my middle school self. It brought back many memories, that's for sure :) All day I've been worrying and wondering if I'd make it in time, and if it'd be worth it. Well it totally was.

So after my class, I stopped off at my dorm really quickly to drop off my backpack, and headed off to the bus! I was going with my friend Sky and a few of her friends, but they didn't have class so they went earlier, and I just met them there.

After having to wait for two busses due to them being completely full, I finally got on a bus, made it down to Waikiki, and found Sky and her friends. 

It was about 4:50 at this point, and we just sat there and talked and waited. We were given seats to sit in, instead of sitting on the sand, which was really nice of these people in front of us.

Unfortunately, the Jonas Brothers were meeting fans and taking pictures/signing autographs along the red carpet, but we were told that only the press had access to the red carpet by a security guard, so we didn't get the chance to get individual pictures with them. All of these girls were walking by with autographs and pictures, and I was a bit jealous.

There were sooo many people there tonight. Partly because every year they have a premiere for the start the new season of Hawaii 5-0 on Waikiki, and partly because there were tons of teenage fans waiting for the Jonas Brothers. This was their first ever performance in Hawaii, so the girls were pretty excited!

Here is the sunset <3

The event officially started around 7:30, when there was a presentation and introductions of the cast of Hawaii 5-0. I got a picture of the cast up on stage...

We then watched the first episode of the first season, which was actually really good, despite that fact that I was a bit confused since I don't watch the show to begin with. Once I finish LOST, I think this might be my next show to watch, because I recognize all of the locations, which is awesome. For example, in this episode there is an intense scene that takes place in Aloha Stadium which is where I march for the football games! I thought that was cool :) Speaking of LOST, there are some familiar faces in Hawaii 5-0, from LOST.

It was then time for the Jonas Brothers!! :) They came out at 9:00, and the girls went crazy.

Here are some pictures, but I accidentally forgot my nice camera back at my dorm during the rush to get out of there and to the beach as soon as possible, so I had to use my phone, which explains the not-so-great quality...

They sounded so wonderful tonight! It was really nice to see them again after so long.

This show was an acoustic show, so it was very laid-back and chill. Their voices really came through, and were presently nicely. I swear their voices have improved, because they sounded incredible tonight, adding little embellishments to the vocals.

I got some videos, but the girls in front of me were literally screaming so loud, and had deep voices, so they kind of sounded like whales, and I don't want to post those, but I did get a decent video of When You Look Me In The Eyes. This used to be my sister's favorite song, so enjoy Molly<3!!

They also played a few more oldies such as Lovebug, Gotta Find You (Camp Rock), SOS, and Burnin' Up, as well as some from their upcoming album titled Found and First Love. Even though it was short, it was totally worth it, and I enjoyed it so much :))

After the concert, Sky, Ariel and I started walking back to the bus stop and we literally waited for 45 minutes for the bus to finally come. So many other people got on, I was in the aisle, cramped, touching other people, and it was about a 20 minute bus ride. Not enjoyable.

It was 10:30 by the time I got off the bus, and I started walking back to my dorm, Sky and Ariel are in another tower but there were other girls walking to my tower, so I was not alone. I got up to my room at about 10:40. I realized that I had not eaten anything since my rice and tangerine, and was pretty hungry, but as soon as I got back I changed into my PJ's, so I couldn't go to the market like that. I have little JIF to-go peanut butter things, so I just ate that out of the little jar by itself. I've run out of pretzels and I literally have no food, so as soon as possible, I am going to go to either Walmart or theMarket and stock up on snacks and food, because I have nothing and it's killing me.

We are now up to this exact moment, which is me sitting at my desk, typing this post! However, it is past midnight, I'm exhausted, and I have an 8:30 class in the morning, so I'd better get to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this post because I had an awesome day and loved reliving it again through this post! :) 

I'll talk to you guys tomorrow!! <3

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pūnao ~ Metabolism

I don’t have much to update on for today, it wasn’t too interesting.

I woke up at 7:00 for my Bio Lecture, and thankfully I felt really rested up after a good night’s sleep.

The lecture went well, we discussed Metabolism in the human body, and how it works, which was interesting! Then was my Bio Lab, after all of the time and effort we put into this week’s homework, my lab partners and I were not looking forward to this lab. 

We finished first ahead of the rest of the class, again, by about an hour. We couldn’t leave however, because we had to wait for the rest of the class to record their data into their charts. So that was annoying. 

I hadn’t eaten yet, so I picked up a sandwich to eat after my next class which was at 12:30, and I got out of my lab at 12:10. So I picked up my food, and went to Oceanography. We are still talking about plate tectonics which is getting a little old, but it is pretty interesting so it wasn’t that bad.

Then I went back to my dorm to finally eat my food, and watched LOST while I ate. Practice was at 3:45, so I left at 3:25 for that, and it poured on us at practice. :(

We were there until 6:00 today because we have sectionals every wednesday after practice, all we do is work on the music, so it isn’t that bad. 

I went back to my room and showered up, because my Bio lab partners met up again tonight to do this extra assignment that she assigned today and is due before the next lab with the rest of our homework, so we just decided to get that out of the way. Once we finished that up, we all went back to our own rooms, and that’s where we stand right now. 

I came back and finished an episode of LOST that I was in the middle of, and also did my Biology Lecture assignment due Friday.

I am now going to sleep, because I have to wake up early to study for a quiz in my 3:00 class tomorrow. There are a few things I still confuse, so I am going to study for that because my first class isn’t until noon tomorrow.

Thanks for reading :)
I’ll talk to you later! <3

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hoaloha ~ Friend

Today was a nice day :)

I woke up and got ready for the day, and headed off to my Chem lab at 9:00, which was the only bad part of my day. My lab partner and I had defective equipment so we tried the experiment 6 different times before we finally were successful, but we still ended early, which is always good! 

I then sat outside at a table under a tree and worked on some homework for Hawaiian Studies for an hour and a half before my Chem lecture class started at 12:00. This class was really boring and long. That ended at 1:20 and I then went back to my dorm to finish up my Hawaiian Studies homework which involved a video about talking to, capturing and killing sharks :( made me sad. 

That class came around at 3:00, and we had a class discussion about Hawaiian Pidgin language and the significance and relevancy of it. In this class today, I felt reeeally out of place because the whole time everyone was talking about how the "haole's" (Mainlanders/white people) were a major cause of the dying out of the language because they invaded the Hawaiian Islands and sort of took over. There are only a few mainlanders in that class out of 30, so I'm not sure if the others felt the same way, but I was a bit uncomfortable during class and a bit unsure of what to say. Other than that, it went well!

Afterward, my Bio lab group and I met up AGAIN to do the final part of our lab. To do this, we needed to refer to a book in the library. So we met up, walked across campus to the library, looked up the call number, and tried to find the book. 

Guess what? 

It wasn't there! So we went to the circulation desk and he told us that there were two copies that hadn't been checked out, and that it should be there. But it wasn't, so we emailed our TA and she have us another reference in a book we already had.

It was too quiet in the library, so we went back to one of the girls dorm rooms. She is in the tower across from me, and I am jealous of her floor! My floor is sooo antisocial and nobody talks to anyone else. I have put myself out there and tried making friends with them, but they just don't do anything. On Sky's floor, however, everybody is friends with everybody and they literally just have all of their doors open and everyone just walks in and out of all the rooms and they are all so close! The camaraderie is so awesome, and makes me really not enjoy my floor at all. So we were there for about two hours, finished the entire lab and all the parts and pieces, and then I got back to my dorm around 9:25. 

So my roommate and I get along and talk and all, but we usually just make small talk because we are never in the dorm at the same time, unless we are sleeping. So she was there when I got back and we had a nice hour and a half conversation where we just say there and talked and it was really nice! We also walked to class together this morning. I feel like we are becoming closer and I am glad because I haven't felt like we have really clicked as friends yet. So that was nice to just sit there and talk for a while :)

It is now 11:30, and I am currently half asleep, so I'm going to sleep now! I hope you enjoyed my day :)

Nighty night! <3

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kula ~ Gold

They say you'll never find the end of a rainbow, right?


I saw one end of a rainbow today and it was awesome. I'll talk more about it when I come to that part of my day!

So I woke up as usual and went to my Bio lecture at 8:30. After this, my lab group and I had planned to meet up to work on our lab, but for the first two hours, it was only me and one of the other girls. We got a lot done. Then the other girl came for about 45 minutes at the end. We have one other lab partner who texted and said he'd be there, but he never showed up.

We ended around 12:15, because we all had class at 12:30. Mine was Oceanography, which was a bit boring today, because we've already covered the material that he discussed today, but wasn't too bad since it is only a 50 minute class.

After class, I picked up a sub from a sandwich shop on campus and went back to my dorm to eat before practice tonight. While I was eating, I was watching LOST, and it is becoming so intriguing and exciting! I'm loving this show :)

Practice came around, and I wasn't really looking forward to it due to my sore calves from my hike yesterday. Thankfully, practice went by fairly quickly though. About halfway through, it started raining reeealy hard, but when it stopped, I looked over at the sidewalk that is right across from the practice fields, and there was the end of the a rainbow! Unfortunately there was no pot of gold sitting there on the sidewalk, however it was sooo bright and vibrant and beautiful! Sadly, I didn't have my phone with me, so I couldn't get a picture of it, but I so wish I had been able to. It almost looked as though it was glowing or something.

We have a football game this weekend, so todays practice consisted a lot of cleaning up the drill and music, and I cannot wait to perform this show :)

After practice, my lab group and I worked on our lab some more around 6:30, because we didn't quite finish earlier, and then just sat around in the study lounge talking for a while.

I got back to my dorm for the night around 8:30, and have been working on my Chemistry lab homework and studying for a Hawaiian Studies quiz that I have tomorrow...blech.

Welllll, that's about it for tonight. I hope you enjoyed even though it was short. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow!

Goodnight! <3

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lua pele ~ Volcano/Crater

I had a great day today :)

I slept in until about 10:00 this morning, but still wasn't sure of what I wanted to do today. So while watching an episode of LOST out on the patio, I was looking out at the water, and Diamond Head is right there in the center of my view. I was looking at it and though to myself, "You know what? I'm going to hike that today!" So thats what I did!

I looked up some reviews about it to see what other people were saying, and I also looked up the transportation and fees into it, since it is a State Park. For those of you who don't know, Diamond Head is a volcanic crater, that is estimated to be about 200,000 years old and inactive for 150,000 years. It is iconic to the island of Oahu, and is a major tourist attraction.

(This sign was posted at the start of the hike)

Now, I was a bit worried, because I have a slight history of passing out, or coming close to it, and since I couldn't find anyone willing to hike this in the heat of the day, I'd be hiking alone. I brought plenty of water and a hat, but didn't think about food. Thankfully I ended up being fine. 

Once I was all ready to go, I checked TheBus schedule to see when I would need to leave, and I left my dorm around 1:15 and caught my first bus. When I got off at the transfer point, I waited for my next bus. Well, it turns out that I ended to walk down to a bus stop a bit further down the road, and ended up missing the bus that I had already been waiting 15 minutes for. So once I got to the correct bus stop, I had to wait another 30 minutes because I had just missed my bus. So I called and talked to my family for a bit, before my phone battery drained to 20%. This made me nervous, since I had a looong trip ahead of me, but I just turned my phone off as soon as possible to try and save the battery.

I got off at the bus stop at the base of Diamond Head around 2:50, and had to walk about a seventh of a mile, just to get to the entrance of the State Park, where you pay. While walking up this first portion, I had to walk through this tunnel with cars literally two feet from me, because there wasn't really a sidewalk, just a little portion of road in which the pedestrians walked on. 

I walked through this big tunnel through the sides of the crater for cars and busses to pass through, and was inside of the crater at this point, it is so cool knowing that you are practically in a volcano :) Here is the tunnel...

I then got to the booth, where I had to pay a $1 entrance fee, and then began the trek up! The first portion is not bad at all, it is pretty flat and paved, but then the paved part ends, and it become really steep, rocky and uneven. It was like this the entire way up. There were a couple lookout points along the way up. Here are some pictures from those areas. 

There was one point where I began feeling kind of light headed, so I sat down in the little bit of shade that was available, because let me tell you, you are being hit with direct sunlight the entire time.

I then came to these three sets of the steepest stairs I have ever seen, and I swear there were about 50-75 steps on each one. Connected by these tunnels that were almost 100% pitch black. I literally couldn't see a thing and felt claustrophobic inside, and the ceiling of the tunnels felt like they were closing in on me...This is the entrance of one of them.

I finally made it to the top just before 4:00, and the view from up there is incredible. You have the Pacific on one side, the water is so absolutely clear and blue, it is gorgeous. And then on the other side, you can see all of Waikiki and Honolulu, and see the different Mountain Ranges in the background. It is really just so beautiful at the top. Here are some pictures that I got. 

There is also an old WW2 bunker at the top, which I thought was pretty cool! 

Once I had seen everything, I just walked back down, which was not bad at all. Here is a picture that I took from right at the entrance of the crater, looking into it, but I took it on my way down.

As I got close to the bus stop where I started, I tried turning on my phone, and it had completely died. Thankfully I checked the routes I needed to take while I sent my mom a picture from the top, so I knew what I needed to do from this point on.

I got on the bus I needed, but the stop I was at was just at the end of the bus route, so the bus driver asked me where I was going and told me which stop to get off on and exactly where to go. 

I finally made it back into my dorm at 5:20, and was completely exhausted and so hungry! I talked to my mom for a few minutes just to let her know that I was safe, because I know she was a bit nervous for me :)

I then went and took a shower because I'm sure I didn't smell too decent, and I then went down and had some dinner, because all I had eaten was some pretzels and a granola bar at 11:00. So I definitely needed to get some food into me, and it tasted so goo!

Since then, I did some laundry, mainly because I wanted to wash my backpack, but I also threw in some dirty clothes that I had. I absolutely hate washing clothes here, because there are about 15 washers, which is great and there is always one open, however, the dryers are another story. There are 10 dryers, BUT 7 OF THEM DON'T WORK. This is honestly so annoying because you have to sit with your wet clothes until a dryer opens up. So while I waited, I went out to the roof for a few minutes to see downtown Honolulu at night, which is just as nice to look at :)

Total, my laundry took about 3 hours, due to the awful dryer issue, and I finished didn't finish until around 10:00. 

I then got everything that I need for class tomorrow ready, and also watched an episode of LOST while folding and putting away my laundry. 

I am now absolutely exhausted, mentally and physically, from todays events, and am off to sleep! I hope you enjoyed this rather long and hopefully interesting post. :) 

So that's it! I'll talk to you guys tomorrow night, goodniiight! <3

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kī, wai kī ~ Tea

Oookay, well I had planned to get up early this morning and go find something to do, but it just turned out to be a work-ish day. 

I finished cleaning up/organizing my room, including vacuuming and putting clothes away, and also worked on homework for my Chemistry lab. I watched LOST while doing all of this, no surprise.

I also found out that my sister had the day off from work, and was at home with my family, making me pretty homesick. I have kind of just felt sad and lonely all day, which isn't an awesome feeling. I do have some possible plans tomorrow though, so hopefully those come through and will make me feel better.

I went for a walk earlier, just to get out and get some fresh air, and then stopped at the market and picked up this TAZO peach tea, which was really good.

When I got back from that, I talked to my sister for a while, which is always nice :) I also went up to the roof and watched the beautiful sunset, that never fails to put a smile on my face. 

This is honestly all my day consisted of, unfortunately, so I'm sorry that it might've been boring and short. Like I said though, I have some possible plans tomorrow that include exploring the island with a few others, but there hasn't been much communication about it these past few days. I really hope it still happens, but I'm not sure. If not, I'll find something else to do. Maybe I'll visit the Zoo, or go on a hike!

Whatever end up happening tomorrow, I'll be sure to tell you about it in tomorrows post, so stay tuned!

I'll talk to you then, goodnight! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

ʻŌlelo hou ~ Repeat


Today was just another boring Friday in the life of me! 

I woke up at 7:00 to another lovely rainbow outside of my window, which I am loving! I got ready and headed off to my Bio lecture at 8:30. Then, I went back to my dorm and watched LOST. 

My next, and last class of the day, was Oceanography which was pretty interesting, we are talking about the spreading if the sea floor. 

Then I stopped at this little place on campus called "La Ba" it is a little french shop, and I got a ham/provolone sandwich on chiabatta bread, which was so good! 

I then headed off for practice at 3:30, which went really well today. We officially have the entire shoe on the field and I cannot wait to perform it! I got back around 6:00, cleaned up my room and worked on a bit of homework. 

I then got another package from my wonderful family whom I love sooo much and can't thank them enough! :)

This is all that happened today, except for a few more episodes of LOST. I am slowly; but surely making my way through the show, and it's so gooood! 

My roommate is gone for the weekend because she flew home to visit her family, which is easy since she is from Maui. It makes me
A little sad that I cannot just fly home for the weekend, but I'll be okay. I am going to try to keep myself busy this weekend! :)

Well that about it for now! Thanks for reading even though these seem to be getting a bit repetitive, so I am sorry about that, but I hope they are still enjoyable for those interested! 

I'll talk to you guys tomorrow, goodnight! <3

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hoʻohālāwai ~ A Meeting

Wellll, today was literally the most uneventful day I've had yet.

I slept in until 11:00am today, and then got up and ready for my first class of the day, Chemistry, at 12:00. I'm still not fond of my professor or the way he teaches, and in fact, today, he did two demos for us, and messed them both up! That was a but disappointing. 

Usually on Thursdays, I'd have my Hawaiian Studies class at 3:00, but the professor for that class is actually on vacation, and class was cancelled for the day. So after my Chem lecture, I had nothing else to do. So I went back to my dorm and just relaxed and watched LOST. 

At 5:30, my roommate and I had a small meeting with our RA for a roommate agreement thing. She basically asked us questions on our expectations for our roommate and things like that. We finished in about 15 minutes even though it usually takes an hour, because my roommate and I get along really well and didn't have any issues. 

We then just sat there with our RA and talked about a ton of things and it was just nice because we hadn't really gotten to know her yet. She is super awesome and really nice :)

So ever since then, I've been working on some job things and watching some more LOST. I just finished the second season and there were some a shocking events that occurred in the episodes that I got through today that were completely unexpected and sad. 

Anyways, I have to get up and ready for an 8:30 class in the morning, so I'm off to sleep! Sorry for the boring posts these last few days, but I should have some better ones this weekend because I've got plans! :)

I'll talk to you tomorrow! 😊

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hoʻopuka hou loa ~ Update

Soooo, today I woke up at 6:55, for one reason only.


It came out at 7:00am my time, and I wanted to get it right away because I have been waiting for monthsss! I am so happy with it, and I am kind of obsessed. I just love it so much! I think it looks so classy and sleek, plus it was really time for a big update such as this one. I have been playing around with it all day and I'm still finding out new things. 

Anyways, I couldn't fall back asleep, so I just got ready a bit earlier than usual, and left for my lecture at 8:00. After my Biology lecture, I had my Biology Lab, you know, the one that has been giving me so much trouble? Yeah. That one. Today it went fine, we did an experiment dealing with beets and NaCl solutions. We got out about 10 minutes early, so me and another girl from my lab group went to go get some lunch before our next class. 

Next was Oceanography and I enjoyed it today. We continued to talk about Plate Tectonics and the ocean floor. This was my last class for the day, so I went back to my dorm, and left for practice at 3:00. 

Practice went a lot better today than Monday, we got quite a bit done. I am really excited for this marching show, it is coming together so well! :)

After practice, I got some food from the dining hall, and then came back up to my dorm for the night. I had Chemistry homework to complete that took me 2 1/2 hours, and was such a long assignment. I'm glad it's done now. 

I just finished watching two episodes of LOST, and I am completely shocked/confused at the information I just learned from that episode! I wish I could watch more, but I am exhausted.

Sorry that this post was so short, but it was a pretty uneventful day. 

Thanks for reading! I'll talk to you later!

Goodnight :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

'Ōlelo ~ Language

Well, today started off as a beautiful day, I woke up to this absolutely gorgeous rainbow!

The crazy thing was that the rainbow was there for about 20 minutes. I saw this and had high expectations for the day.

I got ready and then left for my Chemistry Lab at 9:00. A soon as I walked outside, it started raining, which then turned into pouring. I was not too happy, because by the time I got to my class, I was absolutely soaked. I was literally ringing water out of my hair and clothes. I felt disgusting and couldn't go back to my dorm until 1:30 when I got out of class. Thankfully, the Chemistry lab went by really quickly and we ended a bit early. I had about an hour, but it wasn't smart to go all the way back to my dorm and then have to leave for class 20 minutes later, so I went to the campus center and got a bottle of water and a small package of pretzels because I hadn't eaten yet today. I sat outside and waited for my Chem. lecture while having my snack and I also had a short conversation with my mom and brother, which was nice :)

After the lecture, I decided to get some real food. So I went back to Campus Center and got some lunch that I took back to my dorm. While I ate, I watched an episode of LOST and it was then time for my Hawaiian Studies class at 3:00.

That class went fine, we talked about how, when and why the Hawaiian Language died out and then watched a 30 minute film about it.

I've been in my room ever since then, working my homework for my Biology Lab tomorrow that has literally taken me about 3 1/2 hours to do. I finally finished about 10 minutes ago, and it was soooo stressful and confusing. I hate assignments that have to be completed, yet you are given absolutely no background knowledge on them. Both of my labs are ahead of the actual lecture classes, so in the lectures we learn the information needed in the lab from the previous week. That does not make any sense to me at all. It'll have to do though.

I am now going to get some sleep, hopefully it is a restful one. Thank you all for reading, I hope you are well! :)

I'll talk to you all tomorrow, goodnight! ❤ 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ka nāpo'o 'ana o ka lā ~ Sunset

Hellooo :)

I had a good day today, although not much happened aside from my normal routine, I didn't have too many issues either! 

I finally had a decent night of sleep. I didn't wake up once during the night, and slept up until about 15 minutes before my alarm went off. So that was a nice start to my day, unfortunately however, I did wake up to the news of the shooting at the DC Navy Yard, which was very sad to hear about. I didn't have much time to read into the details before class, so I waited until after class to read up on the specifics.

After getting ready, I headed off to Biology at 8:30, somebody took my usual spot so I had to sit in a different seat, which was a bit closer to the professor. And fun fact, I found out that he has a lip ring, which was quite unexpected. That lecture went well, we are currently talking about prokaryote/eukaryote cells and their functions.

After that, I went back to my dorm sat outside on the balcony, just admiring my beautiful view :) I then read more about what had happened in DC, and it was very sad to hear that the death toll was 12. When I hear things like this, it really saddens me because these people were simply going about their day, with absolutely no knowledge of what would happen, and their lives were taken away so suddenly. It is honestly heartbreaking and was sad to read about. I have absolutely no idea what would possess someone to do anything like this. It just goes to show that you really can't take advantage of anything and to appreciate what you have. You never know when it will be gone. :( My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected.

After this, I had to head off to Oceanography, in which we talked about plate tectonics, which was pretty interesting. Some of the theories and ideas he talks about so confidently though, seem quite far-fetched and unrealistic, which leads me to thinking he might be a bit bias on certain topics. He is an "expert" however, and sure seems to not let us forget that little fact.

Once that lecture ended, I headed off to the Student Services Center, because I was getting emails about this form that I needed to complete again, yet I had no knowledge of ever doing it a first time. So I talked to them about that, and turns out I was stressing over something that was their mistake and they accidentally sent me the email that was supposed to go to another student. Thankfully that's over with. 

There were a few things that I needed to pick up from the bookstore for my Biology Lab, so I headed there next. And this is where I had a few issues. I was trying to find a lab coat, and they only run in Men's sizes, so once I found the ones to actually but, rather than the display coats, they only had large and extra large left so I had to get that large one. It is absolutely HUGE and goes down to about the middle of my calfs and is a good five inches too long on the arms. I had to get it though, because they wouldn't re-stock before my lab on Wednesday. I also needed some latex gloves for the lab, so I went to where the gloves were sold and they only sell bulk gloves in boxes of 500! I need them once a week for 8 more weeks. That is 16 gloves, and all they have are boxes of 500. So I had to opt for a little pack of 5 individual gloves, which doesn't make too much sense, because you need them as pairs, but I'll just have to go back and get another little pack when the time comes, this will do for now.

I had about an hour and a half until band practice, so I went to my dorm, and just rested up a bit. I then left for practice at 3:20. Practice started out pretty well, however by the end, it had done a completely 180 degree turn for the worst, and ended on a really bad note. The director was upset with us for various things such as not being focused, not taking this seriously, and various things like not being prepared with the proper things, and that there was too much talking. A lot of students were complaining afterwards about how he was being "too harsh", but I think that we needed to be told that we weren't doing well, because that will really get our heads in the zone for the next practice. Up until now, the director has complemented us at almost every practice about how well we are doing, and I personally think it has gotten to our heads a bit, so this was needed. I'm sure it will all resolve itself on Wednesday! :)

I then went to the cafe, and switched up my dinner a bit! The grill special was a chicken quesadilla, so I had that with some cantaloupe and raspberry lemonade. It was reeeallly good. Then, I came back to my room and have been working on all kinds of homework, from Chemistry to Biology to Hawaiian Studies. Around 6:45, I took a little break and went up to the roof to watch the sunset, and it was gorgeous!! The sky looked like fire. Here is a picture that I took, even though it doesn't do the beauty of it justice in the slightest.

After that little break, I came back and had a nice conversation with my sister, and then just continued with my homework. I am still not done, but I wanted to take another break, and decided it would be a good time to write todays post up, because I am not doing anything else except sleeping after my homework is done.
I also changed up the font, because I like this one better. It reminds me of a typewriter :)

So, I hope you enjoyed :) And I'll talk to you tomorrow, goodnightt!