Sunday, September 29, 2013

Moloā ~ Lazy

Hello. As expected, I woke up feeling awful this morning. I woke up way earlier than I wanted to, and felt very tired. I took some medicine and then took a shower to try and feel a bit better, which did in fact help. It cleared my nose out a bit, my throat is suuuuper sore though and my nose is still running a bit. 

As most people are when they get sick, I was very lazy today. I watched LOST, finished season 4 and began season 5, all I can say is whoa! Lots of unexpected and crazy things happening! I talked to my parents for a bit today, and also took a short nap, which was needed. 

At 5:00, I went down and got some dinner from the cafe, and then came back up to my room. A sign advertising a little craft in the lobby of my dorm had been posted for about a week, talking about making a chalkboard calendar for your dorm room. I was really excited to do this, so even though I wasn't feeling my best, I went down at 7:00, and there were just a few people sitting in the lobby watching TV and eating popcorn. There was no supplies at all, so I figured that something happened and they weren't doing it anymore, so I just went back up to my room. 

I then watched more LOST and also did my Chem lab homework and studied for upcoming exams. 

That is literally all I've done today. I have a big week ahead of me with three large exams in all 3 of my science classes, so I've got to do some major studying this week. Thankfully the exams are on Thursday and Friday, so I have time to hopefully recover from this cold/sickness before them. 

That is it, sorry for the short post today. Hopefully I'll get better soon and have some more interesting things to blog about. Recently I've been looking up some really adventurous things to do in O'ahu, so hopefully I'll have some fun posts in the, near and/or distant, future. :) 

So that's all for now, goodnighttt! <3

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