Sunday, September 29, 2013

Maʻi ~ Sick/Ill

Wow. Today has been one crazy, long and exhausting day!

I woke up around 6:00, by the garbage truck, and felt awful. I had a really sore throat, and a runny nose. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure I'm getting sick, which I knew was bound to happen eventually. I took some medicine and slept for a bit longer, until about 10:00. At that point, I couldn't sleep anymore, so I got up and watched an episode of LOST. I was going to go down and get some breakfast, but I checked the menu online, and both cafe's were closed today and tomorrow, so I ate some almonds that I bought yesterday at theMarket.

Around 11:45, I got all of my stuff together that I need for our football games, because today was a game day! Today was UH vs. Fresno State.

I left for the band room at 12:30, and the busses left at 1:00. Just like last time, we got to the stadium and had about a two hour rehearsal on the field. It rained twice while we were rehearsing. We then went to do the Warrior Walk which is when the band leads in the entrance of the football players. It rained again as we were doing this.

It was then dinner time, and for the rest of the games, we are doing a pot luck style meal, I wasn't scheduled to bring anything this time, but I have to bring juice next Saturday. The food was good, I had this chicken thing, and white rice. Oh, and I had a bit of an issue, because all our section leader brought were chopsticks, and I cannot for the life of me use chopsticks, so I got a little 101 session on the proper way to use chopsticks, which was funny :)

While we were eating, it began raining, so we were squished up under the tunnel. It wasn't too bad though. We then got all suited up for our pre-game performance at 5:15, and as we were waiting in the tunnel, it rained again, but stopped before our performance. We did pre-game, which went well and then took our helmets and coats off, and went up into the stands to watch/play during the game. When we left for half-time, the score was 0-35, and Fresno was killing us.

Half-time came, and it was time to perform! As we were waiting to go on, it rained yet again!

This week's show was Star Wars, and I think it went really well! I was super excited to perform this show, and the audience seemed to love it as well!

The video of our performance is already up on YouTube, so here is the link for those interested! 

UH Marching Band - Star Wars

After the performance, we went back and took our helmets/coats off again, to play in the stands for the rest of the game. As we were getting ready for our show, Fresno scored a touchdown, and we scored a field goal, so going into the third quarter, the score was 3-42. We thought the game was over, and there was no chance for us.

So we played the third quarter and our team got two touchdowns, and prevented Fresno from scoring any more points. Then, into the fourth quarter, we kept scoring, and got the score to 36-42. There were like 2 minutes left, and it stars absolutely DOWN POURING RAIN! And the rain was suuuuper cold too! So that was not enjoyable. Unfortunately we were soooo close to another field goal, but the other team intercepted in the last few seconds, so we didn't win. The final score ended up being 36-42, but we sure made a comeback and it proved to be one exciting game!

After the game, we have to wait for the football players to come over so we can play the fight song for them, and then we have to both play and sing the Alma Mater. So this took an extra 10 minutes in the pouring rain, and then on top of that, the band wanted to continue playing in the rain. So we played Cantina Band from our Star Wars show, to literally the police men and janitors, because everyone left due to the rain!

Finally we got out of there, back onto the busses, and started on our way back to school. We got back, and I then walked back to the dorms with a girl named Marissa, who is another flute player.

I walked into my dorm at 11:37pm. I am absolutely exhausted, and am surprised that I was able to type this post without falling asleep! Unfortunately, I do not think being in the cold rain all day is going to be good for my body, especially since I'm getting sick. I am going to take some more medicine before bed, and hope I am not too miserable tomorrow morning!

Thanks for reading, I'll talk to you all tomorrow! :)

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