Thursday, September 26, 2013

ʻAha hīmeni ~ Concert


Well, I had such a nice day today!

First off, I got to sleep in until 10:30, which felt great, and then I headed off to Chemistry at 12:00. 

Right as I was about to leave for class, I looked outside, and there was definitely rain on the way. In this picture, you can see the storm clouds on one side of the tower, and clear, blue skies on the other. It was pretty weird.

We got let out of that class early, and since I had yet to eat anything so far, I decided that I'd stop at theMarket across the street from my dorms. So I go around 1:20, and they do not open until 2:00, and the cafe closes at 1:00 to transition between lunch and when they open for dinner at 4:30. So I went back up to my room, and I am literally out of food in my room, but I did have a thing of microwavable jasmine rice that my mom left for me, so I went ahead and had that as well as an orange. 

I then talked to my mom for a bit, and also did a bit of studying, that I meant to wake up early to do, but forgot to set an alarm. Oops! :)

I went to my Hawaiian Studies Class at 3:00, took my quiz, and it went well! Today we talked about religion in the Hawaiian Culture which was very interesting. We got out of this class early tooooo! So I was stoked about that!

The reason that this made me so happy is because tonight was the Sunset on the Beach event tonight, which consisted of the World Premiere of the fourth season of Hawaii 5-0, and also, a free concert by the Jonas Brothers! I was not going to pass this up. For those of you who know me/knew me in middle school, I was kiiiiinnnnd of obsessed with them. It is so weird to think that I am in college now, and going to a performance by a band that consumed my middle school self. It brought back many memories, that's for sure :) All day I've been worrying and wondering if I'd make it in time, and if it'd be worth it. Well it totally was.

So after my class, I stopped off at my dorm really quickly to drop off my backpack, and headed off to the bus! I was going with my friend Sky and a few of her friends, but they didn't have class so they went earlier, and I just met them there.

After having to wait for two busses due to them being completely full, I finally got on a bus, made it down to Waikiki, and found Sky and her friends. 

It was about 4:50 at this point, and we just sat there and talked and waited. We were given seats to sit in, instead of sitting on the sand, which was really nice of these people in front of us.

Unfortunately, the Jonas Brothers were meeting fans and taking pictures/signing autographs along the red carpet, but we were told that only the press had access to the red carpet by a security guard, so we didn't get the chance to get individual pictures with them. All of these girls were walking by with autographs and pictures, and I was a bit jealous.

There were sooo many people there tonight. Partly because every year they have a premiere for the start the new season of Hawaii 5-0 on Waikiki, and partly because there were tons of teenage fans waiting for the Jonas Brothers. This was their first ever performance in Hawaii, so the girls were pretty excited!

Here is the sunset <3

The event officially started around 7:30, when there was a presentation and introductions of the cast of Hawaii 5-0. I got a picture of the cast up on stage...

We then watched the first episode of the first season, which was actually really good, despite that fact that I was a bit confused since I don't watch the show to begin with. Once I finish LOST, I think this might be my next show to watch, because I recognize all of the locations, which is awesome. For example, in this episode there is an intense scene that takes place in Aloha Stadium which is where I march for the football games! I thought that was cool :) Speaking of LOST, there are some familiar faces in Hawaii 5-0, from LOST.

It was then time for the Jonas Brothers!! :) They came out at 9:00, and the girls went crazy.

Here are some pictures, but I accidentally forgot my nice camera back at my dorm during the rush to get out of there and to the beach as soon as possible, so I had to use my phone, which explains the not-so-great quality...

They sounded so wonderful tonight! It was really nice to see them again after so long.

This show was an acoustic show, so it was very laid-back and chill. Their voices really came through, and were presently nicely. I swear their voices have improved, because they sounded incredible tonight, adding little embellishments to the vocals.

I got some videos, but the girls in front of me were literally screaming so loud, and had deep voices, so they kind of sounded like whales, and I don't want to post those, but I did get a decent video of When You Look Me In The Eyes. This used to be my sister's favorite song, so enjoy Molly<3!!

They also played a few more oldies such as Lovebug, Gotta Find You (Camp Rock), SOS, and Burnin' Up, as well as some from their upcoming album titled Found and First Love. Even though it was short, it was totally worth it, and I enjoyed it so much :))

After the concert, Sky, Ariel and I started walking back to the bus stop and we literally waited for 45 minutes for the bus to finally come. So many other people got on, I was in the aisle, cramped, touching other people, and it was about a 20 minute bus ride. Not enjoyable.

It was 10:30 by the time I got off the bus, and I started walking back to my dorm, Sky and Ariel are in another tower but there were other girls walking to my tower, so I was not alone. I got up to my room at about 10:40. I realized that I had not eaten anything since my rice and tangerine, and was pretty hungry, but as soon as I got back I changed into my PJ's, so I couldn't go to the market like that. I have little JIF to-go peanut butter things, so I just ate that out of the little jar by itself. I've run out of pretzels and I literally have no food, so as soon as possible, I am going to go to either Walmart or theMarket and stock up on snacks and food, because I have nothing and it's killing me.

We are now up to this exact moment, which is me sitting at my desk, typing this post! However, it is past midnight, I'm exhausted, and I have an 8:30 class in the morning, so I'd better get to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed this post because I had an awesome day and loved reliving it again through this post! :) 

I'll talk to you guys tomorrow!! <3

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