Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hoaloha ~ Friend

Today was a nice day :)

I woke up and got ready for the day, and headed off to my Chem lab at 9:00, which was the only bad part of my day. My lab partner and I had defective equipment so we tried the experiment 6 different times before we finally were successful, but we still ended early, which is always good! 

I then sat outside at a table under a tree and worked on some homework for Hawaiian Studies for an hour and a half before my Chem lecture class started at 12:00. This class was really boring and long. That ended at 1:20 and I then went back to my dorm to finish up my Hawaiian Studies homework which involved a video about talking to, capturing and killing sharks :( made me sad. 

That class came around at 3:00, and we had a class discussion about Hawaiian Pidgin language and the significance and relevancy of it. In this class today, I felt reeeally out of place because the whole time everyone was talking about how the "haole's" (Mainlanders/white people) were a major cause of the dying out of the language because they invaded the Hawaiian Islands and sort of took over. There are only a few mainlanders in that class out of 30, so I'm not sure if the others felt the same way, but I was a bit uncomfortable during class and a bit unsure of what to say. Other than that, it went well!

Afterward, my Bio lab group and I met up AGAIN to do the final part of our lab. To do this, we needed to refer to a book in the library. So we met up, walked across campus to the library, looked up the call number, and tried to find the book. 

Guess what? 

It wasn't there! So we went to the circulation desk and he told us that there were two copies that hadn't been checked out, and that it should be there. But it wasn't, so we emailed our TA and she have us another reference in a book we already had.

It was too quiet in the library, so we went back to one of the girls dorm rooms. She is in the tower across from me, and I am jealous of her floor! My floor is sooo antisocial and nobody talks to anyone else. I have put myself out there and tried making friends with them, but they just don't do anything. On Sky's floor, however, everybody is friends with everybody and they literally just have all of their doors open and everyone just walks in and out of all the rooms and they are all so close! The camaraderie is so awesome, and makes me really not enjoy my floor at all. So we were there for about two hours, finished the entire lab and all the parts and pieces, and then I got back to my dorm around 9:25. 

So my roommate and I get along and talk and all, but we usually just make small talk because we are never in the dorm at the same time, unless we are sleeping. So she was there when I got back and we had a nice hour and a half conversation where we just say there and talked and it was really nice! We also walked to class together this morning. I feel like we are becoming closer and I am glad because I haven't felt like we have really clicked as friends yet. So that was nice to just sit there and talk for a while :)

It is now 11:30, and I am currently half asleep, so I'm going to sleep now! I hope you enjoyed my day :)

Nighty night! <3

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