Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pūnao ~ Metabolism

I don’t have much to update on for today, it wasn’t too interesting.

I woke up at 7:00 for my Bio Lecture, and thankfully I felt really rested up after a good night’s sleep.

The lecture went well, we discussed Metabolism in the human body, and how it works, which was interesting! Then was my Bio Lab, after all of the time and effort we put into this week’s homework, my lab partners and I were not looking forward to this lab. 

We finished first ahead of the rest of the class, again, by about an hour. We couldn’t leave however, because we had to wait for the rest of the class to record their data into their charts. So that was annoying. 

I hadn’t eaten yet, so I picked up a sandwich to eat after my next class which was at 12:30, and I got out of my lab at 12:10. So I picked up my food, and went to Oceanography. We are still talking about plate tectonics which is getting a little old, but it is pretty interesting so it wasn’t that bad.

Then I went back to my dorm to finally eat my food, and watched LOST while I ate. Practice was at 3:45, so I left at 3:25 for that, and it poured on us at practice. :(

We were there until 6:00 today because we have sectionals every wednesday after practice, all we do is work on the music, so it isn’t that bad. 

I went back to my room and showered up, because my Bio lab partners met up again tonight to do this extra assignment that she assigned today and is due before the next lab with the rest of our homework, so we just decided to get that out of the way. Once we finished that up, we all went back to our own rooms, and that’s where we stand right now. 

I came back and finished an episode of LOST that I was in the middle of, and also did my Biology Lecture assignment due Friday.

I am now going to sleep, because I have to wake up early to study for a quiz in my 3:00 class tomorrow. There are a few things I still confuse, so I am going to study for that because my first class isn’t until noon tomorrow.

Thanks for reading :)
I’ll talk to you later! <3

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