Friday, September 27, 2013

Māluhiluhi ~ Tired

Today feels like it has lasted the length of about two days, and has been quite tiring.

After last night, I didn't get to sleep until about 1:00, which was weird because as I was lying in bed, my mom texted me, and she had just woken up for work back home. It was very weird to think about!

Anyways, I had to wake up at 7:00, to get ready for the day, so I clearly didn't sleep as long as I usually do, and had the hardest time getting out of bed this morning. I then walked to class, which was alright, a bit boring because I had to physically make myself listen, so that I wouldn't fall asleep! :)

My friend Sky is in that class with me, and as we were walking back, her and her friend Jordan were going to stop by the cafe to get some breakfast, and invited me along. So I went with them, and I had waffles, home fries and orange juice. Unfortunately the meat that they were serving was SPAM, and you know how I feel towards SPAM if you read the post about the first football game. So I obviously didn't eat that! 

We then walked back to our towers, and I lied down for a bit, because I was still exhausted. I wasn't able to sleep at all, but I did get to relax a bit. My next class, Oceanography, was at 12:30, so I headed off there around 12:00 and talked to my parents while I was walking. Today in lecture we mainly discussed hot spots, and how there are only about 20 on the planet, and Hawaii is one of the. We also discussed how Yellowstone is a hot spot and all about the plates under it. This was super interesting because last summer, my family and I visited Yellowstone and now I really know what I was looking at :)

I then went back to my dorm because I had nothing until practice. I went to theMarket and got some food/snacks for my room, because as I said, I was out. I also recieved a package that I had ordered last Friday. I have been anticipating the arrival because I'm absolutely in love with what I got. Here are pictures!

This is the new keyboard cover that I bought!! My other one was over two years old, and was fading and getting stretched out, so when I saw this one, I died. It is pretty much perfect, and I'm absolutely in love with it! <3

I also bought a new case for my computer, because it is getting some scratches on the bottom. I used to have a case that cracked, but never bought a new one, and I loved this one when I saw it! It is a minty greenish-blue, and it has a frosted finish to it, and it wasn't too expensive, so I thought, why not? :)

I then had to head off to practice at 3:45, where we just ran through the show a bunch of times, and had quite an audience of kids from their dorms standing and watching us!

Although the show isn't perfect, it looks and sounds pretty good, and I'm excited to perform it tomorrow!

Earlier at theMarket I bought a personal microwave pizza by Digiorno so I made that once I got home from practice around 6:00, and it was pretty good! I also bought a Snapple Peach Tea (my absolute favorite) that I drank with it. Then, I had my long awaited Twix bar that I have been telling my mom that I've been craving for weeks!

Since then I've just been admiring my keyboard cover, watching LOST and playing Candy Crush.

Due to my lack of sleep last night and not being able to nap, I am exhausted, and need to get to sleep. I hope you enjoyed!

I'll talk to you all tomorrow, which is a game day! UH vs. Fresno State!

Goodnight :)

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