Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mālani ~ Sketchy

Today was the second day of classes, meaning that I was introduced to two more of this semesters classes!

Due to jet lag, I was awake at 4:00 this morning, but was able to doze off a few times before getting up at 8:00.

My first class was Astronomy, which was really interesting! I think I am going to enjoy that class :)

Second up, in the same class room, right after Astronomy was Religion. The professor is this old lady, but she is really funny and that class sounds interesting too!

I am excited for both of these courses this semester.

After this, I had an hour and a half before my Psych 'lab', so I decided, which I was at that end of campus, why not just go and get my books now.

So that's what I did, and boy was it a depressing feeling seeing my total price for all of my books :(

Unfortunately, I cannot buy 3/4 of my large class books for cheap online somewhere because we are required to do online homework, which comes as a cod when you buy the textbook. So we were forced to pay the bookstores prices, which are ridiculous.

Oh well!

Then I bought a Naked juice smoothie and a cookie from the caf, since I hadn't eaten yet.

My Psych 'lab' was a 3:00, and it went well. There are only about 7 of us in there because there are 24 different sections of the lecture, all split up into smaller numbers of kids, so we lucked out with only a few of us.

The 'lab' is where we will take our quizzes and do/turn in homework, so it isn't the typical college lab where you do experiments and such.

All we did today was introduce ourselves, so we were literally in the classroom for 6 minutes.

So for English, we are required to pick up this manual thingy from this sketchy, off-campus building, in which an assignment is due in class tomorrow, so I went off to find that once I got out of Psych lab.

It took me a good 25 minutes to find the place because the professor gave us this awful map that took me to the wrong place. I eventually found it, but it ended up being in an elementary/high school place.

And that was it!

I came back and worked on some of the things due tomorrow, and then we had a scheduled fire drill at 7:15pm.

Now I'm just sitting here finishing up my Philosophy assignment for tomorrow, and listening to the Frozen soundtrack. It is perfection <3

Talk to you tomorrow!:)

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