Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hou Kau, Hou Hana hoʻopīhoihoi ~ New Semester, New Adventures


Long time, no talk.

I do apologize for the lack of posts on here lately, but after the first few days of classes I came to the realization that posting every single night, while also keeping my grades up would not be possible. My classes this semester are much more work-oriented, so in order to stay on top of these things, it is important that I keep my main focus on that. I will admit that last semester, I was so set on making sure that I posted something every night, that I would put off studying just so that I could post something, and I let my grades slip because of that. I also felt as though the posts were getting very repetitive, and that it was boring to read.

I do not want that to happen again this semester.

So, I've decided that I'll post every Wednesday night. Those are the least busy days for me, and Thursdays are a later start in the morning, so it should work out great!

Let's see, since I last talked to you, some exciting things have happened!

First off, I'll go through some of the more basic things. 

My classes are great! Last semester I complained about almost all of the classes I was taking, but this semester, I thoroughly enjoy every single class I am in!

I have Philosophy, which is very interesting, and kind of like my TOK class in high school, but it is a very discussion-based class, which I sometimes have a hard time with because I am such a soft-spoken person. Psychology which is by far my favorite class, ever. I love everything about it; the professor is hilarious, which makes class enjoyable, and the content so far, even though it is only the basic stuff, is really interesting! English is fun! It is a small class and it is a very intimate setting, so we get to know each other well, and then there is band which I obviously enjoy! We are playing an array of challenging literature this semester, which is great. I do not enjoy playing music that doesn't challenge me. Astronomy is really cool, I've always been interested in space, so that is a really interesting class. And finally is Religion, which I enjoy as well! The professor has a bit of a dry sense of humor, but she seems cool. We actually had our first quiz on yesterday, and I got an A on it! :)

Since I last talked to you, I have also started working again! This was one of the best parts of last semester. I was genuinely excited to show up to work because I worked in the afternoons during the busy hours. However, this semester, I am only working in the nights, so it is very slow and I only have something to do occasionally. It is pretty boring, and it is definitely not my favorite part of the day. Oh well!

Now on to some super exciting things coming up for me!

We have not set the date yet, but in a few weekends, my friend Alyssa and I are going to be going skydiving! We have been planning this for a month or two, and a few of the initial dates that we were going to do it fell through, but it is for sure happening within the next month!! I cannot wait :)

Also, my most recent bit of huge news, I'M GOING TO PERU! I applied, and was accepted to be a part of an 8-day volunteer trip to Peru this Spring Break! It is going to be an absolutely incredible experience, and I'm so excited!

I have not been so excited for these two upcoming events as I have anything within the past 9 months, excluding going home over break, because I was ecstatic about that :)

I'm really looking forward to this semester. I've got great things ahead of me to look forward to, and I can just feel that this is going to be one great semester :)

I'm also looking forward to bringing you guys along with me, virtually! As I said, every Wednesday night, my time, there should be a new post, updating you on the past week. I will definitely be putting up individual posts each day of Peru, and a separate one for my Skydiving adventure, and other adventures I take, so keep your eyes peeled! ;)

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