Monday, August 26, 2013

Huahua ~ Productive

Yay! My first day of college is over with and my mom arrived back home safe and sound! 

I had a really nice and productive day overall :)

I didn't sleep too well last night only because I was paranoid that I'd sleep through my alarm and miss class, so I woke up quite a few times in the night. I finally got up at 6:45 and got ready. I was advised by an upperclassman in band to leave at 7:30 for an 8:30 class, and I'm not sure why, because I got to my class at 7:45 and had to wait until 8:15 for the doors to open, but it was okay, because there were others waiting before I got there. I did have a nice chat with my mom on the way to class, too.
That class was Biology. 
It seems like it'll be fine because it is an introduction class, and since I haven't taken Bio since freshman year of high school, my knowledge is a bit rusty.

I then went and picked up a breakfast sandwich and tea from Starbucks and went back to my dorm. I didn't do much, except research the book I needed, and watched the pilot of LOST because I have decided that I am going to watch it now after wanting to for a while and also after visiting some of the filming locations.

Next up was Oceanography with this awesome old & wise British professor. I can already tell that I am going to enjoy that class :)

That was it for classes today, but while I was out I went to the campus bookstore and purchased this iClicker thingy that I need for both classes, and possibly more, and I also went to the Student Services building to clear up some things and get information about others. 

I had a nice talk with my dad on the way back to my dorm about everything and he helped me get everything figured out since I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I had practice again today at 3:45, so that went well and then I was done for the day!

After coming back to my dorm and getting changed, I went to one of the nearby cafe's and picked up some dinner before coming back to my dorm for the night.

I had a little bit of a sad spell today between my two classes, but I'm alright. I think the homesickness mixed with the overwhelming aspect of college is getting to me, but I have felt fine since, and feel fine now :)

I know that some of you are still waiting for dorm pictures, but I am still getting it all set up and nice since I had no time to do that during move in week due to spending time with my mom and band camp, so stay tuned for that shortly! :)

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