Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kinipōpō peku ~ Football

Wow. My first college football game experience is over, and it sure was a long, and exhausting one.

I woke up at 6:00, because my roommate had track practice early this morning, and no matter how careful you are with the doors, they still pretty much slam shut, so that happened and I was up. I laid in bed just to rest though. Around 9:30, I got up and showered, and then I talked to my sister, brother, kitty, grandma and dad for a bit on FaceTime which brightened up my day :) I then had to leave my dorm around 11:20 to walk clear across campus to the music building, while lugging all my uniform, shako, and bag with everything else needed in it. Needless to say, I was already tired after this. The busses left the campus at 12:00, and we got to the stadium around 12:30.

It was then time to practice on the field for about two and a half hours and then walking outside to greet the football team as they arrived, and played some tunes. This is called the "Warrior Walk" and is fun :)
We finally had a break at 3:30 to eat dinner. Each section coordinated food to bring for themselves, and the flutes decided to get bentos. I didn't know what it was, but paid for it anyways. It ended up being rice with a ton of different meats on top, including chicken, hot dogs, beef a random egg with pink stuff on it....and spam.

Now, here in Hawaii, SPAM is considered a delicacy, and everyone eats it, I mean EVERYONE. So when I asked what this piece of weird square meat was, they all freaked out and ended up making me try it in front of them all to get my reaction. Now it is definitely not something that I would eat on an everyday basis, but it honestly wasn't the worst thing ever. The only problem is that it is suuuuppppeeerrrr salty and literally tasted like it was marinated in salt for about a week. Unfortunately, I didn't eat much of the food, and ended up throwing it away, but hey, I tried it! :)

Next it was time for pre-game which went well except for me missing the very first step off in the show...oops! After, we went into the stands and played, then did the half-time show and finished off the  game in the stands. It was a really good experience, the only problem is that we are not allowed to sit down in the stands, so my feet are raw and in so much pain right now :(  OH, and the fight between about 5 people right next to us that had to get broken up by the police, which didn't stop them, and resulted in the getting hand cuffed. Not something you see everyday.

***For those interested, here is a link to the video of our Chicago Halftime show, including Make Me Smile and 25 or 6 to 4!
UH Halftime Show - Chicago

Unfortunately, we did not win the game, USC won 30-13, but it was cool, I had a good time. On the bus back, I realized that I left my favorite flip flops at the stadium, and that was kind of depressing, but thankfully my mom left me her pair before she left, so I still have one!

The walk back to the dorms was quite awful, because of the pain, in my feet, but I am now laying in my bed and it definitely feels better. Hopefully the pain dies down tonight, because I have quite the walk ahead of me tomorrow, going from one end of the campus to another twice. I had to resort to eating a bowl of pretzels for dinner once I got back to my room and showered, since I hadn't eaten lunch today, my dinner kind of turned out to be a fail, and none of the dining halls are open at 10:15, which is when I was walking back, and I was feeling a bit weak from the day. 

I am now off to bed for some much needed sleep (at 12:18) after being gone from my room for eleven hours and having to get up and ready for an 8:30 Bio lecture in the morning! Goodnight, and thank you to my family back home for watching the game, even if the band wasn't shown much, if any. I love you and miss you all so much! 

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