Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Koke ~ Early

I am writing this post a bit early tonight because I don't have much planned for the rest of the night to update you guys on besides doing homework. I am currently sitting in my dining hall, eating my first proper meal since lunch with my mom on Saturday, and it feels good to eat some real homemade food again :) I am eating a delicious grilled cheese, my favorite along with some pretzels and some raspberry lemonade. Today was a new string of classes that occur on Tuesdays and thursdays. These classes included a three hour Chemistry lab this morning at 9:00 (which only lasted about 30 minutes) and a Chemistry class after that at 12:00. Ironically, my roommate and I have both that lab and class together, so that was a cool discovery I had today :) Unfortunately those are boring old chem classes that are requirements for my major, so I'm not too thrilled about them, but I'll get by. My last class of the day was Hawaiian Studies which seems like it is going to be a really interesting class.

Today has been one tiring day from waking up early for class, eating breakfast at lunch time and not really eating a lunch, and I have also been aaaallllll over the campus trying to find/meet with my advisor and visiting different offices. So basically, I am pretty tired, and I just want to sleep forever! :) 

My day has finally settled down and I am now getting some food into me and then I will be back up in my dorm for the night working on some things online that need to be done and working on homework because I will not be the procrastinator that I was in High School!

Well, I'm back in my dorm now, so this is it for today, but stay tuned for tomorrow because it is going to be one hectic day with classes/meetings/practice back to back from 8:30 in the evening to 5:15 at night. I'll talk to you tomorrow!

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