Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hōʻikeʻike ~ Circus

No, I did not go see the circus today, that is simply how I've decided to describe my Walmart experience of the day.

I have almost completely finished my Christmas shopping! Yay!

Today, I went to Walmart, to finish getting the majority of the Christmas presents on my list, with the exception of a few things that I'll get at the airport.

That was all I did today, I was able to sleep in, and went to Walmart around 3:30.

It was a mad house in Walmart though, I was so stressed out.

I was like speed walking around the store to try and get out of there as quickly as possible, while weaving in and out of the 3827436198473727439 people who decided to go to Walmart today, and talking to my mom on the phone to figure out what to buy....

It was a mess.

I was able to get through it though, and I do not need to worry about any more Hawai'i Walmart runs!

I'm not going to drag this post out and bore you, but all I did for the rest of the day was clean, start packing the presents, watch GG, read, and get my stuff ready for the week!

That's it for tonight!
Talk to you tomorrow,
Goodnight <3

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