Friday, December 6, 2013

Hoʻokūkū ~ Tournament

Happy Aloha Friday! :)

I'm so happy that it is the weekend.

I woke up this morning and went to Biology at 8:30, and then I went to work! Pretty much the whole time Nichole and I hung up the rest of the Christmas decorations :)

Here are some pictures

These stockings have all of the people in our office on them! So cute :)

After work I was feeling nauseous, but I went to Oceanography anyway. I'm not sure why I'm getting so nauseous lately, but I ended up having to come back to my dorm after class and letting Nichole know that I couldn't come in for my last hour of the day because I felt so bad. :(

I decided to see if sleep would help, so I fell asleep around 2:00, and set my alarm for 3:00. I didn't turn my sound up apparently, so I randomly woke up at 4:05. 

Today we had this fun little competition of "Section Olympics" to end the marching season off with a bang. However it started at 3:45, so I realized that I was late, and had to rush to get some clothes and shoes on. Thankfully I was feeling much better.

I was able to compete in two of the three events that were left, water balloon tossing and a scavenger hunt. I was Christine, our section leader's partner for the water balloon toss, and we got to the fourth round, but then it dropped.

Next up was tug-of-war, and although I didn't participate, I was proud of us! The flutes and clarinets were a team, and we beat the saxophones! We went on to the next round to determine 3rd place, and unfortunately we went against the drumline. We held our ground pretty well and they were struggling, but they pulled it out in the end and went on to beat the high brass, and getting 1st place. But we got third :)

The last and final event was a scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt was crazy! We had to run alllllll over campus to take pictures with different statues and landmarks on campus. It was brutal and my lungs were on fire! But it was fun in the end :)

The flutes/clarinets did not end up placing in the top three overall, but we got fourth! We thought we'd be last so that was good news :)

After the section olympics, Raquel, Nathan, Marisa and I hung out. We went to Walmart, ate at Carl's Jr., and drove around for a while. Haha, it was fun!

I'm now back in my room, and heading off to sleep!
So I hope you all had a good day :)
And I'll talk to you tomorrow <3

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