Thursday, December 12, 2013

Piha Pono ~ Complete

I have officily completed college classes for my first semester of college! :)

All that's left are finals next week!

I woke up this morning in a good mood to know that I'd be going to my last Chemistry class of the semester today.

I worked from 9:00-11:30, and it was crazy!

Nichole, my supervisor, along with a few others in the office are already gone on their winter break, so the offices were pretty quiet today. I had the huge job of stuffing 85 folders with 18 different flyers/packets/pamphlets.

I also had to work the front desk since no one else was in, so I had to lay out alllllll of these piles of paper on the desk. Then, all of the nursing students decide to walk in today, so I was dealing with advising appointments, applications being turned in, writing receipts, copying papers, and answering basic questions. 

It was madness, but I managed!

I then headed off to Chemistry at 11:45, and could barely keep my eyes open. After class, I went to my room for a bit before Hawaiian Studies. Today we went around the room and all said what we took away from the class and how our perception of Hawaii has changed from taking this class.

It was really cool to hear all of the opinions. :)

We also got our final exam which is a take home exam that is due on Tuesday.

We got out of class super early and I had nothing else to do before work, so I just went to work early.

Melissa was there too so as I finished up the folders, we talked because nobody else was there and it was really boring. 

And then, I came back to my dorm for the night!

I worked on online homework, started my Hawaiian Studies take home exam, and watched Gossip Girl! I'm almost done with the show! Haha

And that's it!
So I'll talk to you tomorrow, 
Goooooooddnight! <3

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