Friday, December 20, 2013

Mokulele ~ Airplane

 12:28am: Well, seeing as it is already the 18th, I guess I can start updating you!

The time is currently 12:27am, and I am wide awake in bed. I’ve been trying to fall asleep for almost two hours, and I simply cannot fall asleep. I’m not sure why, seeing as I was exhausted when I got into bed, but that is gone now.

Let’s hope that I can fall asleep soon!


6:42am: So I finally fell asleep, which is great, but I’ve just woken up, it is still dark outside, and I am, again, wide awake.

This tends to happen to me the night before something big/exciting/nervewracking. I am just so excited to be home, that I can’t sleep! Haha.


9:22am: Okay so it is a little bit later now, and I am sitting here studying for my final exam at 2:15. I feel very confident and prepared for this exam already, but I guess a little more studying can’t hurt!


1:15pm: I’m heading off to my exam now! I feel super confident about it and am actually excited to take an exam for once! Haha

First, I have to stop off at the bookstore and pick up a few little candies for my families stockings and I have to get cash out for the shuttle later.


2:45pm: The exam is over, and boy oh boy do I think I did awesome! There was only one question out of the 45 that I was unsure about and it was one of the short answer responses. I can’t wait to get my grade back :)


5:25pm: So I’m sitting outside of my dorm waiting, and the shuttle is late. Just my luck. They said it’d be here at 5:15, and it isn’t! 


5:31: Phew! The shuttle finally arrived and I am now off to the airport! Wooo!


6:20: The drive to the airport was not bad at all! There was hardly any traffic, and I had a fast driver so I got there in about 25 minutes!

I am not all through security, which also didn’t take long at all. The airport is pretty deserted right now, except for the people on my flight, so that is making things a lot less stressful!

So, I’m about to go pick up some water, and the last few presents on my list at the gift shop!


6:40: I’m at my gate and I couldn’t be more excited!
1:41am (PST): It’s been a little while, but we are about 2 and a half hours through the flight now, and it hasn’t been the smoothest plane I’ve been on.

The first hour was pretty rough, constant turbulence. It steadied out a bit, but it has yet to completely stop. As I type, the seatbelt sign has come on because we are going through another rough patch. The plane is moving up/down and side to side a lot! I kind of feel like I am on a roller coaster! I’ve had an awful experience with turbulence before, so this time it isn’t so bad, but it is probably the second worst. 

To pass the time on the flight so fat, I’ve read Insurgent, tried to sleep, but failed, and listened to music!

I am really hoping this flight goes by quickly!

Aaaand, the turbulance keeps growing. This is a bit nervewracking. 

9:56am: The times are probably all wrong due to me traveling through like three different time zones, but I believe this is Central time right now.


So since I last updated, the rest of the flight was fine, it continued to be quite rocky the rest of the way, and ended with a pretty rough landing. Also, I got really antsy toward the end because I had the window, and the lady next to me was sleeping, so I couldn’t get up to stretch or anything. It was not fun.

I got off in Dallas, and then found that my connecting flight’s gate had been changed from terminal A to terminal C, so I had to take the little tram over to terminal C.

So I got out at C, and walked all the way to the gates, only to find out that there are two sections of each terminal. The section that I got off at was gates 1-20, and my gate was 35, so I had to go back up to the tram and catch it again to go to the other side of the C terminal.

I finally got there with plenty of time to spare, so I called and talked to my dad :)

I’m now on the second flight and there is about one hour left of this flight. There has also been some slight off-and-on turbulence on this one as well, but not nearly as bad. There was only one really bad little section. 

The antsy-ness is still here and I cannot seem to sit still. My legs feel like they are really swollen, and my butt is numb, and my knees hurt and I’m just ready to be off. It is not comfortable at all :( 

Here are some pictures that I took throughout the two flights :)

Sunrise over Texas

Touched down in Dallas

I am so excited to be home :)

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