Saturday, December 7, 2013

Leʻaleʻa ~ Fun

I had just about the worst night of sleep ever last night. -_- 

I was woken up multiple times and it was not fun, so this morning I was not in the cheeriest of moods.

However, I went down to get some breakfast, and Marisa, Nathan and Greg were down there too, so I just ate with them.

Today we had the Fun Run!

It is an individual fundraiser thing where you get people to pledge money for every lap you run, but since I don't know anyone outside of school here, I didn't get any pledges. That's okay though, it was still fun!

There were craft booths, little mini games, live bands performing, and prizes!

The prizes were for the best dressed Christmas costumes, but I didn't dress up since I have no Christmassy clothes, whatsoever. Marisa and Nathan went as gift bags though, and it was awesome! They ended up winning, and their prize was one round-trip airline ticket to one of the other islands! 

After the Fun Run, I came back to my room to get some rest. My whole body felt cramped and sore from standing on my feet all day in the blazing sun, so I took it slow and just stayed in my dorm.

I've read, watched Gossip Girl, Facetimed, and gone to theMarket to spend my meals.

So although the second part of my day was a bit boring, I had fun at the Fun Run! :)

And now I need to get a full night's sleep, due to my interrupted one last night.

I'll talk to you all tomorrow! 
Goodnight <3

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