Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holoi Lole ~ To Wash Clothes

These college kids reeeeeaaaally need to get themselves under control.

Last night/this morning at about 1:30am, these most likely intoxicated, hooligan kids were outside of my building banging these long, metal poles on the walls, poles and trees outside. They also decided to have some sort of "lightsaber" dual with them, all while screaming, and cackling. I can assure you that I was thoroughly annoyed since I couldn't get to sleep because of it. 

And it's not like I could've shut the windows to block it out, because there is no air conditioning, so I'd catch on fire. For real.

But I did eventually fall asleep.

Aaand, I slept way in this morning. Once I decided to get up, I made a list of what needed to get done today to try and keep myself on track.

Although having productive days are not the most fun thing in the world, you sure do feel more accomplished after one!

And that's what today was, a productive day.

I started out by doing laundry.

I needed to wash my bedding, and also decided to wash the majority of my clothes since some of them will be sitting here for three and a half weeks coming up soooon!

So I did a total of four loads of laundry! I didn't mind doing it, until it was all done and I realized that I now needed to fold/hang everything and put it all away. 

I dumped everything out on my empty bed, and the pile was huge :( 

It took me a good two hours to get through it all and put it all away.

I also decided that since for finals I will be wearing comfy clothes and nothing remotely nice, to start picking out/packing up the clothes that I want to take home with me!

I'm just that excited :)

I also cleaned up a bit, took out the trash, vacuumed, the usual.

Oh, and I studied for a little bit today.

Aaand, that's pretty much all I did today. Not too exciting, my apologies. It seems that all of these posts are just super boring nowadays.

Thanks for those who have stuck with me, if any of you actually have...  :)

Goodnightt! <3

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