Monday, December 9, 2013

Hoʻopau ~ To Cancel

It's getting close to when I fly home!!! :)

So I got an extra hey of sleep this morning due my biology being canceled! I went into work at 9:30 and worked until 12:00. 

I ran errands around campus, copied, scanned, took applications from students and processed them, and worked the front desk! I'm really enjoying this job. :)

Oceanography wasn't too exciting today, but it also wasn't insanely boring. 

I then worked again from 1:30-4:00 to get some more hours in now that marching season is over. 

And then I came back to my room. 

I had to finish writing a paper tonight, and I also tore apart my room looking for the aquarium worksheet that I filled out 3 months ago, which is due tomorrow! I though I'd lost it, but it finally turned up! :)

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