Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hana Hoʻopīhoihoi ~ Adveture

Well, today was much better than yesterday!

I was able to sleep in until 9:00 before getting up to study for my exam some more. 

I studied until it was time to head off to the exam! We got there and had to wait for like 20 minutes to start because the professor was making us wait until the last possible second! 

So I came out of it feeling really good!

Then Amber and I went and got some lunch! We decided to take the shuttle back, but ended up getting on the wrong one. It was an adventure! We had no idea where we were, it was actually quite funny :) we just stayed on until it went back to campus and then hopped on the right one when it came. 

At 3:00 I had Hawaiian Studies and we watched a film called "Act on War" which was really good! I enjoyed it a lot. 

When I got out of class, I had about 10 minutes until work started, so I waited for the shuttle. It comes around and I step on and he tells me to get off, and that he wasn't going back to Campus Center, so he was kind of rude. 

That meant that I had to walk alllllllll the way there and I ended up being 15 minutes late for work, they didn't mind though. I didn't do anything anyways. 

Then I was done! So I came back to my room, worked on online homework, read, watched GG, and how I'm off to sleep!

Talk to you tomorrow! 
Goodnight <3

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