Monday, November 25, 2013

Weliweli ~ Awful

Boy am I glad that today is over!

Let's just say that I had a pretty bad day overall.

It started by waking up late and missing Biology this morning, which is not a good thing considering it is not my strong point.

I made it to work at 9:30, which was good. I kept busy the entire time by scanning things into the computer while keeping an eye on the front desk. 

It was then time for Oceanography which I enjoyed today! We talked about sharks for a brief part of lecture which will always boost my alertness and mood :)

After Oceanography I worked another hour from 1:30-2:30 and it was so busy! There were like a thousand people coming in and out and asking questions and it was super hectic and stressful. I couldn't keep things straight in my mind and I was just a mess. 

After that was done and over with, I headed back to my room. 

On the way back I stepped in a very well hidden pile of mud and got it all over my gold Sperry's making them look disgusting. I was able to get it off of the leather, but not off of the laces which are a softer leather cord that is holding that mud in tight :(

Practice had been pushed back today to 5:15, or so I though.

I left my dorm at 4:30 and got to the Campus Center Ballroom at 4:45. Today we were recording all of the music that we have played this year, and so it was held in the ballroom. 

Well as I got to the outside of it, I could hear the band playing inside and knew I was late. I couldn't figure out why they had already started when it wasn't supposed to start until 5:15. Well I later found out that it had been pushed up an hour to 4:15, which was indicated in an email that the assistant band director sent out. For some reason I have not been getting her past few emails. I told her, but I'm still not getting them, so I'll have to talk to her again about that because that caused me so much trouble today.

So I hear them playing outside, and there are three of the tech guys outside of the door. I patiently wait outside of the door until they stop playing, and then the guys kindly let me in.

I put my instrument together and start walking across the ballroom which felt about a mile long, with about 200 pairs of eyes on me, all except for the band director who then starts conducting again and they start playing.

I'm still walking so I just continue walking to my spot and then fall into the arc and begin playing where they were.

Well, he sees me walk up, and stops the entire band along with the recording. His next words were, "Can someone please watch the door to make sure no one walks in WHILE WE ARE RECORDING!" Full on shouting by the end of his sentence. Then he looks at me and like rolls his eyes and starts conducting.

It was embarrassing. However, I was more angered by the fact that this happened rather than embarrassed, because had he been facing the other way he would have seen that I walked in between songs and no one was playing yet! 

I would never have just walked in when I knew they were recording, and there were people who were monitoring the traffic coming and going from the room, and they were the ones who let me in! None of it was my fault, but it put an even bigger damper on my day.

After practice, I got a laugh in when walking with Marisa and Nathan, and they made me feel better.

I then walked back to my dorm.

It was study time.

I studied for about 2 hours before stopping and kind of having a small mental breakdown. 

Nothing specific caused it, I think it was just a whole conglomeration of things. I was stressed about this Chemistry exam tomorrow, upset from the day I had, sad about not being able to go home for Thanksgiving which seems to be getting worse the closer Thursday comes, and homesickness.

Since my mom left I have not felt an overwhelming feeling of homesickness, until tonight. Again, it might be heightened by everything that is going on right now, but I just really wish I could go home. Even if it was only for a day.

It is now 12:15am, and I still do not feel as though I am ready for this exam, but I am absolutely exhausted and need to sleep. If I continue studying right now it will do me no good.

I don't have my Chem Lab tomorrow morning, so I'm free until noon. I plan to wake up early and finish studying then, but for right now, I need to sleep this day away, and start fresh tomorrow.

So I really hope all of your days were way better than mine, and I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Goodnight <3


  1. Hi Sweetie! I am so sorry about how your day went. Some people say we have to have bad days to really appreciate the good days...easy for someone else to say I know. I know you are wishing you could come home, and please know how much we wish the same ... But since it's not possible, why don't we both try to focus on this idea - this thanksgiving is going to be different and if we let it get us too down the whole day will be nothing but sad, gloomy, and

  2. Not what the spirit of Thanksgiving is supposed to be about. Be thankful you have invitations to spend the day with others...not necessarily family, but then again many of the pilgrims didn't have their family with them either. Go somewhere with a lot of people and use the time to meet new people, make new acquaintances and enjoy the day and the time off from school. We love you, as does all of our family members who don't get to be with you. We are so thankful that you are part of our family, Anne we love you so much!!!! Today is another day...with no mistakes in it...embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving and go put a smile on someone else's face. All my love, Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox