Saturday, November 23, 2013

Heluhelu ~ Read

So today was a pretty much a rest day for me, which will result in a pretty short post, my apologies!

I woke up around 8:30, and literally sat in bed switching off between reading Divergent and watching Gossip Girl all day. 

Around 4:00 I finally got up and had to shower up and get dressed. Tonight I subbed for our section leader at one of the Rainbow Wahine Volleyball games, which started at 7:00.

Once I was ready, I decided to make a little trip to theMarket because I still had 5 meals left this week, so I spent those and then came back and put it all away. 

It was about 5:45 at this point and I watched half of an episode of GG before heading off to the Stan Sheriff Center for the game.

Now, I did not know that we would be playing in front of the stadium before the game, so as I was walking, I could hear the band playing. So I rushed to get there.

I didn't know who the other flute players would be since this was not a game I had originally signed up for, but when I got there, there were no flutes out there playing. 

I joined in and played the last five songs before we headed into the stadium.

I was still the only flute player, until finally right before the game started, Marisa and Raquel showed up.

The game was great! We played Cal State NorthRidge, and it was a pretty close game, but we pulled out the victory! :)

Tonight was Senior Night for them, so it was an exciting win!

After the game I came back, and it is now present time. I am sitting at my desk typing this, and afterwards, I plan on getting into bed and reading Divergent! It's really good! If you are into Distopian Novels, read this trilogy! :)

I'll talk to you all tomorrow night! <3

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