Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hemahema ~ Awkward

Today was definitely not a boring day for me!

I woke up pretty early this morning, around 8:00 and got ready. I finally decided on getting pizza for the potluck tonight so I looked up the Pizza Hut hours, and they opened at 10:00. So in the meantime I got all of my game day things together including my uniform and hat and all that jazz.

At 10:00, I called Pizza Hut and placed my order. I figured it wouldn't be too expensive, and then she tells me that it is going to be $42.00 for 3 large pizza's and I was really surprised. Anyways, I caught the bus and got the pizzas. I check the receipt and they charged me $3.00 extra for having the pizza cut into 12 slices each instead of 8, even though she is the one who offered and did not tell me she's be charging me more. Whatever.

So I then had to catch the bus back to campus, and let me tell you, don't ever go onto a public bus with three fresh, hot pizzas. It is very awkward.

First of all, the bus driver gave me the weirdest look ever when I got on, and then it was a pretty crowded bus and everyone was just like pointing and looking at me with my pizza's. I was not enjoying it. Oh and not to mention the smell was like wafting through the bus, drawing even more attention to me. 

I got back to my dorm around 11:15, rested for about 20 minutes, and then headed off to the music building. It was quite the struggle having to carry my uniform, helmet, hat box, bag with shoes, socks, gloves, AND three large pizza's clear across campus, but I eventually made it.

We then headed off to the stadium! And when we got there, I see that Nathan ended up bringing pizza too! He brought two cheese pizza's and I had two pepperoni, one cheese, so we had plenty!

It was then time to rehearse, which was for about 2 hours, and then the warrior walk. 

After this, it was time to eat :)

We had a big pizza party basically, and it was great! While we were eating, the whole section was playing this really fun party app called "Head's Up Charades". It was hilarious! 

I still have 1 1/2 pizza's left though that I had to shove into the door of our mini fridge because the box barely fits!

Game time finally came around, and we headed out for pre-game, which went well, but is kind of boring now.

Today we played San Diego State, and for the first two quarters, we played pretty well, but it was tied 14-14 at half time.

Half time was great! I think we did really well and I'll post the video once it is up, which will be tomorrow.

Unfortunately we did not win the game, but it did go into overtime, so it wasn't a huge loss for us!

After the game, Nathan and Marisa wanted to know if I wanted to go with them. We were going to go to the beach, but instead they decided to stop at Jack in the Box to get stuffed Jalapeño Peppers and then go to Walmart. What a surprise...haha! :) It was really fun though because we were all tired, which caused everything to be funny.

Tomorrow we are going to go to PetSmart and see the animals there and maybe do something else, we haven't decided yet.

I'll be sure to let you know tomorrow though!
So, I guess I'll talk to you then!
Goodnight :) <3

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