Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wahine ~ Woman

Here is yesterday's marching performance!

Today wasn't the most interesting one out there, but overall it was a good day!

I slept in until about 11:00, and then got up and showered. Marisa and I wanted to go to PetSmart to see the animals today, but she ended up not waking up until like 3:00., so that didn't happen. 

I just sat around and watched some Gossip Girl, and then around 2:00, Cari, another flute player texted me and asked if I could sun for her at the basketball game today since she is sick. I agreed since I had absolutely nothing else to do. :)

So I got dressed for that and left at 3:30. I ended up getting there really early again, but I just sT and watched the end of the previous game. Today's game was a Rainbow Wahine Game which are the womens basketball team, which is not at interesting and intense as the men's, but it was still fun to watch. 

So yesterday at the football game, the entire flute section was playing with, braiding and just admiring my hair, and they continued to talk about it today at the basketball game. It is so funny to hear them talk about how nice my hair is, when in reality, I'm jealous of their hair! :)

Unfortunately we lost the game, but it was very close the entire time and the final score was 57-52. 

After the game I just came back to my room for the night. I printed out little Santa hats and taped them to our little ice cream on the outside of our door, and also made some holiday decorations for our room which I'll take pictures of and post tomorrow. I would do it now, but in already in bed and don't feel like getting out :)

My roommate got back around 9:15, and we had a nice hour and forty-five minute long conversation. We haven't been talking much lately, so that was cool. :)

And now I'm laying in bed, ready to drift off and sleep! 
So I'll talk to you tomorrow!
Goodnight <3

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