Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lā Hānau ~ Birthday

Haaaapppppyyyyy 21st Biiirrrtttthhhhdddaaaayyyy to the best sister ever! :)

Okay, so today was really fun!

Although it was hard getting out of bed this morning, I finally got up and ready. 

I worked from 9:00-11:30 and I scanned papers into the computer, filed some things, and manned the front desk while Nichole was at an eye appointment. 

I had Chemistry after that and then I had a break until 3:00, so I called and talked to my sister who was enjoying her first alcoholic drink! :)

I then just sat and watched Gossip Girl until it was time for Hawaiian Studies which was interesting. We talked more about Cook and the colonization of the Hawaiian Islands. I also learned about the Hawaiian Flag. I never understood the pattern of it but it incorporates the British flag and the American flag to represent their bond with both nations. 

After class I called and talked to my mom while heading to work. I haven't talked to her in a few days, so that was nice :)

I then worked for another hour and a half where I filed a ton of papers. 

At 6:00, I was free at last!

I headed back to my room to drop off my backpack and print out the movie tickets for Catching Fire!!!

I went with Nathan and Marisa, of course, and we went to the 8:00 showing. It was weird not seeing it at midnight because that it what I am used to, but it was also kind of cool to see it before the actual release day!

As far as the movie goes? It was incredible. It followed the book so well and although there were a few things that could've been changed, it was awesome! Definitely a must see for everyone!

Then we came back to campus and I'm back in my room now, all changed and ready to sleep! I'm pretty tired. 

So I'll talk to you tomorrow; Friday! Finally. 
Goodnight <3

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