Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mea ʻono ~ Cake

Another boring day here in paradise. The days seem to be getting longer the closer I get to flying home! I'm just so excited :)

So today I was able to sleep in because our Chemistry Lab is now over! So I slept until about 10:00, then I got up and ready for Chemistry at noon. 

After Chemistry I came back to my room for about an hour, and worked on a little homework for my Bio lab tomorrow. 

I had Hawaiian Studies at 3:00, which went well. We talked about Captain James Cook and how he came about discovering the Hawaiian Islands. 

We got out if class about 15 minutes early, and as I walked out to catch the shuttle, it was pulling away at that exact moment. This meant I had to wait about 15 minutes for it to come back around again. 

I then worked from 4:20-6:00. I tied ribbon around some certificates, I made copies, I ran the mail up to the mail room, and I helped one of the ladies in the office take all of her stuff to her car. Today was her last day in the office, which is sad. She is so nice! Her name is Leslie and she always was so peppy and sweet to me. She also brought in some chocolate cake today, and I got a piece if it. Yumm!

After work I had planned on going to the gym, but when I got there all of the elliptical and bicycle machines were taken and there was a wait for them, so I decided that it was a bad time. I'll try again at an earlier time in the day when it is hopefully not as crowded!

So I then went back to my room and I've been working on my Bio Lab homework which took forever! As well as a paper for Hawaiian Studies. Also, I've been cleaning up the hard drive on my Mac. There is so much clutter on there that has accumulated over the past two and a half years like random baby animal pictures and games and documents that I don't need anymore. All of it is slowing down my computer. So I didn't finish, but I'll probably work on it more tomorrow. 

And that's it for today's post! Sorry they aren't the most exciting recently. I hope people are still reading! :)

Well I'll talk to you tomorrow night!
Byee! <3

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