Sunday, October 27, 2013

ʻĀkala Lauoho ~ Pink Hair

I can barely keep my eyes open right now, so I am not going to go into much detail, but I'll talk more about the day in depth, tomorrow.

I got up and left for the game at 12:20, with my uniform, and costume all ready to go!

We left for the stadium at 1:00, and once we got there we practiced for about 2 and a half hours. I have not sweated this much since I've gotten to Hawaii, as I did today. 

It was SOO hot out today, and we were all dying out there!

We then had to go do warrior walk, where we lead the football players in and played the fight song.

Pot-luck time! Finally, we got to eat!

I ventured out of my comfort zone quite a bit. I had orange chicken, meatballs/gravy, rice and a tamale, and all of it was really good! :)

During the pregame show, a ton of alumni came on the field with us and played along with us, which was really cool. There was even a graduate from the 50's!! I was worried about him being out in the heat...he was fine though.

Then we went into the stands and played for the first quarter and half of the second.

And then it was time to get into our costumes!! We got all dressed, and most of the people looked really good, but there were a lot that I couldn't figure out..oh well :)

I forgot to get a picture on my phone of the 4 of us dressed up, so I have to get them to send me the pictures, and once I get those, I'll post them up.

But here are a few with us, and the section...

This is most of the flute section in the stands...

This is Nathan, Michelle and I...

And here is Michelle, Kara, Nathan, Marissa, Raquel and I...

And the whole section, once more :)

So the halftime performance ended up being a lot of fun! I really enjoyed myself out there, and I think overall, it turned out great :) The video is not up yet, but I'll be sure to post it when it is, which should be by tomorrow!!

In the third and fourth quarters, I completely crashed. I literally felt like I was going to fall asleep standing up, in the stands.

I just couldn't wait for the game to be over!

Unfortunately, we lost...again! The final score was 35-28, so it wasn't too bad of a loss, but it was still a loss.

We all had tons of fun though, so that is all that matters. :)

I got back to my room around 11:40, and reeeeally wanted to just sleep, but I had to shower. For my costume, I sprayed my entire head of hair, bright pink, so I had to get that out, which took two washes!

And now, I'm here typing this post, at 1:04am :(
I'll post more pictures and videos, once they go up!
Talk to you all tomorrow!
Goodnight <3

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