Sunday, October 20, 2013

Koʻu Kulanui Keʻena ~ My College Room!

Good news, I have quite a long/detailed post today with tons of pictures to show you all :)

So let's see, I woke up around 9:00 this morning, got up and showered, then got all ready.

My clothes were dry from the night before, so I hung those up and put them away. I then sat down at my desk and for some random reason, decided to write down an actual bucket list. I've always had these extravagant adventures that I want to do before I die, but have never written them down, so that's what I did. So far I have 24, and I will definitely add on to that!

I then got all of my stuff together because I was off to the Honolulu Zoo! :)

I went alone, as usual, but that didn't bother me. It's really is peaceful being alone, going at your own pace and not having to worry about others.

So as I was walking to the bus, I was about 100 yards away, and the bus leaves! That was upsetting, so I sat down and talked to my mom while I waited 20 minutes for the next one.

I finally got to the Zoo around 1:15 and I was very excited! :)

I was really impressed by the zoo, to be honest! My expectations were a little low after the aquarium let-down, but it ended up exceeding those expectations by a lot. First of all, the size of it was impressive, considering it is smack dab in between the ever-so-popular Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head.

There was such a variety of animals to look at, and luckily most of them were out and about, so I went at a good time! Some of my pictures did not turn out too good, due to fences and distance, but I did take a lot of great ones :) Here you go!

It might be hard to see, but that's a Tucan back there!

And this is a King Vulture. When I hear "vulture" I think of the ugly, black ones, but this one was colorful, and beautiful!

These are Ruffed Lemur's.

And these are Ring-Tailed Lemurs.

These little guys are called White-Handed Gibbons, and they were swinging up and down and all around their structures, it was adorable!

Male Orangutan

And the female, who was staring at one of the zookeepers outside of her exhibit...

...she looked sad :(


Sadly, the hippos were walking away as soon as I got my camera out, and the pics of them in the water did not turn out well, due to the murkiness/muddiness of the water. 


Ostrich with Giraffes in the back.

Another Ostrich, which I heard do not come out very often, so that was cool!

This was a little deer (I forgot it's name)

Sleepy Lions

An African Wild Dog who was just making laps around his area for about 15 minutes, I took some videos below. (Excuse the lady's voice in the first video... -_-)

There were also Fennec Foxes, which if you've never heard of, you HAVE to look them up. They are just about the cutest things ever, with very large ears :) I unfortunately cannot find the picture I took, anywhere. So I'll just insert one from google so you can see them...

Seriously, go look them up!

So those are some of the pictures I took, I am not going to post them all because I took about 200 just at the zoo, so this was just a nice selection of them :)

After I had walked through the whole thing, I stopped off at the gift shop, and bought 5 post cards (they were buy 4 get the 5th free, so why not?). I left the zoo around 3:45, so I spent a good two and a half hours there, and it was totally worth the price.

I now needed to go off to Walmart, but I didn't want to take my nice camera with me, and I had no room in my purse. So I decided to make a detour and stop back at my dorm to drop it off.

I also realized that my phone was at 2%, so I sat in my room and charged that up while I wrote out two of the postcards that I bought, one for my Mom, Dad, little brother Jack and kitty, and the other for my sister, Molly.

By this time, my phone had plenty of charge, so I headed off to Walmart.

My trip was not too successful in the sense of what was on my list, but was not an overall bad trip.

Now this Walmart's layout is completely different from the one back home that I am used to, so I couldn't find half of the things I was looking for, they were out of some of the things I wanted, and I left with things that weren't even on my list. I couldn't find the fruit, which was upsetting, but decided that I'd just wait until Tuesday when the fresh produce market is out on campus, and I'll just buy my things there. It is cheaper than Walmart, too! Also the nuts here are outrageously priced! A thing of cashews was $11, almonds were $12 and pecans were like $11, too. I could not spend that much, so no nuts for me. I also couldn't find any trail mix anywhere, and they were out of my favorite Special K, chocolate-pretzel bars.

I ended up coming out with veggie chips, 100 calorie chocolate-covered pretzels, peanut butter protein bars, crunchy dark chocolate and oat Nature Valley Bars, Chex Mix, goldfish, Ritz crackers, and string cheese.

OH! AND GUESS WHO WAS IN WALMART! DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER'S WIFE!! My grandma, sister and I used to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter all the time! So the fact that she was just there in Walmart made my mouth drop. I was shocked.

When I got back, I separated all of the foods into ziplock baggies, and organized it all into my drawer, which was literally empty before this, so I can grab and go as snacks throughout my day.

I then picked up a few little things that were around my room, made my bed, and organized a few other things so that I could finally take pictures of my room so those interested (probably just my family), can see it! So here it isssss!

As you step through the door, this is what you see. (My side is the on the left)

Here is my wardrobe which has bars to hang clothes and shelves in the top part with the doors, and two drawers below it.

There are all of my shoes, and shower slippers.

Here is a view of just my side. (Excuse the HIDEOUS fan...)

Here is my desk (my printer is behind the ugly fan).

My side of the fridge with my Waikiki Aquarium magnet, a magnet that my mom sent me and my class/work schedule that I made this morning.

My mat that I love :)

Okay, so I have a mirror on the right door of my wardrobe, but on this side I criss-crossed some ribbon that my mom sent me, hung up a sign that I painted from home, and made a little paper with my name on it.

These are little ABC letters that I bought last weekend at Walmart.

Here is my bulletin board which is full of pictures, little things that I make, little souvenirs from things I've done and places I've been...

...and letters written to me by some of my friends which I read if I'm getting sad and I love them <3
I opened one each day after my mom left, and I was on my own. They make me smile :)

Here you can see the shelf-thing above my bed. So I have shower stuff, books, perfume, purses, lip balm, lotion empty boxes and a scrapbook.

This is what I have added to my fan to try and make it not so ugly. I put my sunglasses on the top, along with this kitty plush that my mom sent me, and one of those little umbrellas that come in your drinks.

This is the door on from the inside. I have the lei that my mom gave me at my going away party hanging on the handle, and a halloween thing that I drew when I was bored.

This is on the outside of my door. Our floor is the ice-cream floor, (super un-cool) and this is mine!

And here is the full door from the outside.

This is a panorama of the whole room.

And that's it! I had a great day today, and despite the fact that there were gloomy, grey clouds looming over the area all day, I did not get rained on once! Yay!

So I hope you enjoyed, and it made up for my awfully boring day yesterday :)
Goodnight <3

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