Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kula kamaliʻi ~ Kindergarten


Today went by really fast!

I woke up at 6:30, blah, blah blah. Normal routine.

I had my Biology Lecture at 8:30, and then my Bio Lab at 9:30. Today's lab was literally the most pointless thing ever! We had to taste little pieces of paper, some were bitter and some were sweet, and it was weird. Then we had to pick two cards out of a box that had different alleles on them; some were big T's and others were little t's, and then we had to "breed" with the other people in our class and see what the possible outcomes our offspring would be. Not too hard, right?

I guess not, because when our TA asked us to raise our hands for each of the 10 different trials to get the class data, and even though we are college kids now, for some reason, each time some would would either forget to raise their hand or then would raise it twice or for the wrong one. We literally did this part 4 TIMES because this kept happening and we were not getting the same numbers for each trial -_- Like, are we back in Kindergarten now?

On the plus side, my group and I didn't have any problems this time. They all talked to me in a friendly manner, and a couple of jokes were even cracked! Woo :)

After my lab, I had a little less than an hour until my next lecture so I just sat outside and relaxed while waiting. I also called my mom :)

During my Oceanography lecture we talked about Tsunami's, and tides, it was really cool!

I then worked for only an hour today, from 1:30-2:30 and I just did multiple small/easy jobs like copying papers, mail runs, and inventory.

I had practice tonight and it was really hot out again. :(
About halfway through practice I wasn't feeling too great, a bit nauseous, but it went away after about an hour. We also had sectionals again, until 6:00, after the full band marching practice, where we just reviewed our music and learned some new visuals for the show.

I came back to my room, lied down for about a half hour with a cold washcloth on my face, and then I went and got some dinner at 6:45.

I didn't have any homework tonight, so I looked over the music for my concert band audition coming up this Saturday and studied a little for the three midterms I have next week.

And that was my day!
Thanks for reading :)
Talk to you tomorrow,
Goooodniiiiggghtt! <3

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