Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hana noʻeau Hoʻolauleʻa ~ Art Festival

Oh my goodness.

I'm exhausted!

I feel as though throughout the days, now that I've started worked, I am just going, going, going all day long, without a break. I'm worn out!

Anyway, I woke up a little late this morning, and ended up being about 10 minutes late to work, but it was no problem since I'm only a student worker. Plus, I made up that time later in the day.

So today at work, I made more student files, alphabetized a giant stack of papers, made 85 copies each of about 10 different flyers to go into info packets, and made copies of applications. Like I've said before, though, it passes time very quickly, and gives me something to do.

I then had my Chemistry exam at 12:00, and I felt like it went pretty well! There were three that I was completely stumped on at the end, so I had to make a guess on those.

Well, once Amber got home, she said that the grades had ALREADY been posted, which shocked me since in the past it has taken him over a week. So I went and looked, and I got another C. That is the third C that I've gotten on my Chemistry exams, and I don't know what is happening. A large part is that there are only 30 questions, so I got 21/30, but since each one is weighted so heavily, the grade drops fast when you get questions wrong.

There are two more exams, one normal, and one final exam. I am determined to ace these exams. Getting yet another C has amped me up to study until I can't study any more when exam time comes, and I am going to finish this semester off strong and hopefully be about to pull out a B average in the class!

After Chemistry, I went back to my dorm for about an hour, until I had to go to Hawaiian Studies. Today we just had a class discussion on the film we watched Tuesday, and then we were done for the day. She let us out about 30 minutes early. I was supposed to work from 4:30-6:00, and it was 3:45 when we got out of class. Instead of walking to my dorm to do nothing for 20 minutes before heading to work, I headed straight to work, and got there at 4:00. So I made up for being late this morning, and 20 minutes more! I just finished up my projects from earlier during those two hours.

Today was the annual Ka Leo Arts Festival, and it was going on from 3pm-8pm, so after I got off of work and was walking back to my dorm, I walked through all of the booths and looked over everything. It was really cool! There were about 70 booths with local artists, students, outer islanders, community members, etc. There were also some performances and live art going on. I enjoyed walking through, but didn't really stop at any of the booths.

I finally got home around 6:30, and I ate and worked on some online homework which literally took 2 hours because there were 35 sections that I had to do. Ew.

And that's it!
Thank you to whoever is reading these...if anyone is.
I'll talk to you tomorrow night!
See ya! <3

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